Journal Club

The CII Journal Club fosters communication between individual researchers in the fields of immunity and inflammation at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Research topics of particular interest include: adaptive immunity, innate immunity, T helper/effector cell differentiation, autoimmunity, macrophage function, host/pathogen interactions, immune cell signaling, in vivo leukocyte trafficking and dendritic cell function. Diseases of interest include allergy, asthma, diabetes, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and “select agents” (bioterrorism).

Coordinator: Jojo Reyes

Day/Location/Time: (Being held virtually until further notice) - Fridays from noon - 1:00 pm

To Join: Please email Jojo Reyes at with your name and the date you are willing to present.

Schedule and equipment: New presentation schedules are generated approximately every six months. Send your paper to Jojo Reyes at at least two days before your presentation so it can be distributed to the Journal Club email list. Please coordinate your audio/visual requests in advance. If you cannot present on your assigned date make arrangements to switch with someone and inform Jojo Reyes about the change.