NJMS Research Administrative Support Team

Deborah A. Lazzarino, PhD
Assistant Dean for Research
Phone: (973) 972-1591
Email: lazzarda@njms.rutgers.edu
Assistant: Giovanna Comer

Patricia Dalton, Esq.
Director of Research Policy
Phone: (973) 972-0488
Email: daltonpm@njms.rutgers.edu

Giovanna Comer
Program Manager &
Assistant to Dr. Deborah Lazzarino
Phone: (973) 972-7090
Email: giovanna.comer@njms.rutgers.edu

Roselyn Oaks
Program Coordinator
Phone: (973) 972-1583
Email: oaksry@njms.rutgers.edu

Michael Greene
Manager, Grants & Contracts
Phone: (973) 972-6780
Email: greenemi@njms.rutgers.edu

Jessica Andrade
Senior Grants Administrator
Phone: (973) 972-1597
Email: andradj1@njms.rutgers.edu

Chanita Medina
Senior Grants Administrator
Phone: (973) 972-0436
Email: massensh@njms.rutgers.edu

Lin Yan, PhD
Research Teaching Specialist I
Phone: (973) 972-9521
Email: yanl2@njms.rutgers.edu