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Inflationary Increases and Salary Caps in federal proposal budgets

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RBHS Newark building addesses

Medical Science Building (MSB)
185 South Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ 07103-2757

Doctors Office Center (DOC)
90 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07103-2425

University Hospital (UH)
150 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07103-2496

Behavioral Health Sciences Building (BHSB)
183 South Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ 07103-2757

Ambulatory Care Center (ACC)
140 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07103-2425

Stanley S. Bergen Building (SSB)
65 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07107-3001

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
110 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07103-2495

Cancer (CC)
205 South Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ 07103-2785

Internation Center for Public Health (ICPH)
225 Warren Street, Newark, NJ 07103-3535

*The administrative address of Rutgers University for contracts is ASB III, 3 Rutgers Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Important Offices/Divisions etc.

Research Compliance

Contracts - processed by the Office of Corporate Contracts.


  • Corporate Agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements ( MTAs)
  • Clinical Trials - profit & non-profit contracts/agreements (i.e. research in which human subjects undergo interventions to evaluate the effects of those interventions on health-related outcomes.)
  • Contracts with Clinical Components (i.e. research that involves protected health information and/or biological materials (blood, serum, urine, bodily fluid, tissue, specimen etc.) collected directly from a living or non-livinghuman subject.)
  • Award Notices from grants with clinical components

Grant Submissions - processed by ORSP


  • Federal & State Grants
  • Non profit agreements
  • Letters of Intent for Subcontracts-in
  • Rutgers Foundation (all non-profits) - requires RUF liaison signature and assessment fee on Endorsement Form

Rutgers' Research Administration and Proposal Submission System (RAPPS)

RAPSS Activity Matrix
RAPSS Quick Reference Guides
RAPSS Video Guides
RAPSS Training Sessions
RAPSS Training Materials

Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking (ASSIST)

Electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP) login

ORSP's Internal deadlines for grant submissions:

5 business days before due date:Completed endorsment form with title and PI signature

  • Sponsor's guidelines
  • Final proposal (except for final science)
  • Final budget and justification
  • Subaward documents (if applicable) - budget, justification, scope of work, statement of committment, subrecipient committment form

2 business days before due date:

  • Complete endorsement form with all signatures
  • Final science
  • All investigators must have completed an FCOI disclosure within the past 12 mon

Implementation of Uniform Guidance New Policies/Procedures:

Income, royalties and gifts from NJHF or RUF

  • The NJHF or RUF notifies the PI, DGCA and the school Finance Office
  • If there is an existing index number, DGCA will post the funds.
  • If an index number is needed, the school finance office will submit a request for new index
  • Even if the use of these funds is discretionary, these funds are considered "restricted."

Inflationary increases/salary caps in proposal budgets

  • Salary Cap for Federal Sponsored Programs: Effective January 7, 2018, the federal government will pay no portion of any salary exceeding $189,600. NIH notice NOT-OD-17-087. Please use link to access the NIH Salary Cap: NOT-OD-18-137: Guidance on Salary Limitation for Grants and Cooperative Agreements FY 2018
  • Fringe Benefit Rates: FY17 (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 (50.53% - (of requested salary for all full-time employees or more than half-time employee)
  • Inflationary increases for NIH grants:Inflationary increases for future year salary commitments (except NRSA postdoctoral stipends) and non-salary commitments are no longer allowed for NIH research grants.  NIH notice NOT-OD-12-036
  • Inflationary increases for non-NIH grants:per sponsor guidelines.

Frequently used forms

Cost Sharing is the provision of effort or resources to a project beyond that which is provided by the sponsor. If cost sharing is specified in a proposal, and an award is made, the cost sharing commitment becomes an obligation of the University. Sponsors and auditors must be able to verify that cost sharing funds committed to sponsored projects have been provided. Rutgers is required to record these expenditures incurred under state and federal sponsored programs and must use that information in audits and in negotiating the school’s indirect rates.

  • Cost sharing should only be offered if clearly mandated by the sponsor or if needed to accurately reflect the resources required to conduct the project.
  • Cost sharing should almost always be avoided with for-profit sponsors as the University could be construed as subsidizing them.
  • Cost sharing of non-personnel costs is discouraged because of the difficulty of documenting such costs.
  • Salaries, wages and other direct costs can be cost shared unless they are already funded indirectly by the University’s indirects.
  • “Matching” is a cost sharing requirement that is measured by a one-to-one or other significant proportional match of the sponsor’s funding.
  • “Third party in-kind cost sharing” are goods or services provided by an entity other than the sponsor.
  • As a general rule, Federal funds received under one project cannot be used as cost sharing on another Federal project. Similarly, State of New Jersey funds received under one project cannot be used as cost sharing on another State of New Jersey project. However, a combination involving a Federal program and a State program is generally acceptable.
  • Cost sharing requires institutional approval and should be part of the proposal budget. NJMS Investigators should prepare the Cost Sharing Cover memo and Cost Share Budget template well in advance of the due date, obtain approvals and include them with the internal paperwork as part of the proposal budget.
  • Once established, cost share indices will receive a designation of 10Sxxx if the source of the funds is a state (unrestricted) line; or a designation of 10Cxxx for all other sources.


Cost Share Budget at time of submission?
Cost share budget at time of award?
Tracking Method

Mandatory Committed Cost-Share
Rutgers contribution to a sponsored project, required by the terms of the project. It must be included and budgeted for in the proposal to be considered by the sponsor.

Sponsor has a written policy that it will not provide salaries
Companion Account

Voluntary Committed Cost-Share
Rutgers contribution to a sponsored project, NOT required by the terms of the project. It is included and budgeted for in the sponsored award.

Effort unpaid by any external sponsor (e.g. State Lines)

Requested; not required. 
But do flag in RAPSS

Companion Account or
Third-party certified if applicable.
Supplies, Equipment, Other
Requested; not required. 
But do flag in RAPSS
Companion Account or
Third-party certified if applicable.
Salary Over-the-Cap, Tuition, Health Benefits
Departmental Tracking

Voluntary Uncommitted Cost-Share
Rutgers contribution to a sponsored project, NOT required by the terms of the project. It is NOT included or budgeted for in the sponsored award


Third Party Cost-Share
Non-Rutgers contribution to a sponsored project.

Mandatory Committed
Companion Account
Voluntary Committed
Requested; not required. 
But do flag in RAPSS
Third-Party Certified

The full Rutgers Cost Sharing policy is available here. Please note that this policy will soon be updated as part of the Excellence in Research Administration initiative.

Tuition for Full Time Doctoral - NJ Residents (applies to years 1-4 only) $ 8,008.50 per semester  
Tuition for Full Time Doctoral - Non-Residents (applies to years 1-4 only) $ 11,601.50 per semester  
Tuition for Part Time Doctoral - NJ Residents (applies to years 1-4 only) $ 662 per credit  
Tuition for Part Time Doctoral - Non NJ Residents (applies to years 1-4 only)  $ 828 per credit  
Thesis Phase Fee (applies to years 5+ only) $ 200 per semester  
Campus Fee (full time students only) $ 380 per year Note, campus fees are subject to indirect cost recovery on grants
Stipend (standard) $ 32,000 per year  
Stipend for students who receive individual grant (receive $2,000 bonus) $ 34,000 per year  
Health Insurance $ 2,155 per year  

Costs affiliated with SGS-RBHS (formerly GSBS) PREDOCTORAL GRADUATE STUDENT SUPPORT ON NIH RESEARCH GRANTS (this excludes training or fellowship awards)

  • Rutgers SGS-RBHS on the Newark Health Sciences Campusprovides the stipend for a predoctoral RBHS student’s first 21 months and tuition for the first 2 years.
  • After that, the student’sthesis research laboratory is responsible for their financial support,and the following applies if they are supported on a NIHresearch (non training) grant.
  • These amounts should also be used of other extramural finding agencies, up to the maximum allowed for each item. Please note that all amounts are subject to change:
  • Mentors of students who chose a thesis laboratory after Dec 2015, will support their students up to the NIH FY16 post-doc year-zero stipend level($43,692;; to cover stipend, tuition, health insurance, and general services fees. SGS-RBHS (formerly GSBS) will provide an additional allowance towards research costs for students whose tuition is supported on research grants (not fellowships or training grants).
  • Use the current SGS-RBHS stipend level for the salary amount. SGS-RBHSstudent stipend rate will increase to $32,000 per year, effective September 1, 2018 (Current stipend is $24,324 per year). No fringe benefits are applied; only apply the student health insurance and campus fees as detailed in the table below.
  • Indirect costs DO apply to the salary (stipend) and health insurance, butshouldnot be applied tothe tuition or campus fees.

Example budget for research grant proposals (i.e. R awards); this does not apply toindividual or institutional training grants (i.e. F and T awards)

Year 3 of SGS-RBHS program

Year 4 of SGS-RBHS program

Year 5 of SGS-RBHS program  
Salary Current SGS-RBHS (formerly GSBS) stipend level $32,000 $32,000 $32,000  
Fringe Benefits SGS-RBHS students do not receive fringe benefits 0 0 0  
Health Insurance* Current SGS-RBHS level $2,155 $2,155 $2,155  
Campus Fees For career services and student health services $380 $380 $380  
Tuition or Thesis Phase Fee Include a portion of the tuition** calculated so that total direct costs do not exceed the zero-year level NIH postdoc stipend; full tuition applies to years 3 and 4. In year 5, tuition is replaced by $200 thesis phase fee. $9,157 $9,157 $400  
Directs Should equal no more than FY16 year zero level NIH postdoc stipend. $43,692 $43,692 $34,935  
Indirects (F&A) Indirects on salary (stipend) and health insurance only (59% for NIH) $20,151 $20,151 $20,151  
Total Directs + Indirects $63,843 $63,843 $55,086  

*Health charges could be more for family plans, etc.

**Overall tuition costs will differ for in-state versus out-of-state students, but the amount to charged to the grant will be same as the in-state tuition already exceeds the cap.

Click here for allowable NRSA fellowship costs for FY 2017

Costs affiliated with Rutgers NJMS post-docs
Fringe benefits  7.65% (just FICA and Medicare)
Health Insurance Effective: 9/1/2018-8/31/2019 7.65% of slary plus $2,333.60 annually (plus $21.60 for life) for single coverage and family coverage $6,936 annually ($21.60 for life).
Current NIH NRSA Support for post-doctoral students Years of Experience FY 2017 Stipend (effective March 23, 2018)  
  0 $48,432  
  1 $48,804  
  2 $49,188  
  3 $51,324  
  4 $53,184  
  5 $55,308  
  6 $57,528  
  7 or more $59,736  
  • All newly appointed Postdoctoral Appointees must receive financial support no lower than the Current NIH NRSA support appropriate to the relevant years of experience. New scales will be implemented on the following July 1.
  • Annual increases for post-docs should be based on the NIH NRSA salary scale currently in effect; not the scale that was in effect when the appointment was originally made.

Legacy (BANNER) Post award tools

Post award tools

Transfer Processes (Oracle and PeopleSoft)
  For expense portions dating back to Banner For expense portions > 90 days in Oracle/PeopleSoft For expense portions < 90 days
Involving Sponsored Projects
Salaries CISF to


ECI  Process directly through PeopleSoft
Non-Salaries LCTER to GCA through IPAS LCTER to GCA through IPAS

JVEF forwarded to trained personnel to post in Oracle    -or-

Costs Tile> Manage Expense Items if no change to UDO GL string or natural account
Revenue for Sponsored Projects JVEF to GCA JVEF to GCA JVEF to GCA
NOT involving Sponsored Projects
Salaries CISF to  ECI Process directly through PeopleSoft    ECI Process directly through PeopleSoft  
Non-Salaries JVEF to  trained personnel JVEF to  trained personnel JVEF forwarded to trained personnel to post in Oracle   -or-  Costs Tile> Manage Expense Items if no change to UDO GL string or natural account
Revenue For Non- Sponsored Projects JVEF to trained personnel JVEF to trained personnel JVEF to trained personnel
* no exemptions for small dollar amounts
* start dates in Oracle - 9/24/16 (hourly) or 10/8/16 (salaried)

CISF = Change In Source of Funds form

When completing this form:

  • Complete a separate one for each FY (because different FB rates)
  • Provide Banner ID # instead of Oracle one.
  • Only do line that needs changing.

JVEF = Journal Voucher Entry Form
SWRJ =  Salary and Wage Redistribution & Justification cost transfer request form
LCTER = Late Cost Transfer Exception Request form
GCA = NJMS - Email to Stephanie Knight, Manager GCA, and Roberta O'Haeri, Senior Mgr. GCA
Click here for updated cost transfer policy

Please contact Giovanna Comer at (973) 972- 7090 or Emal: with suggestions, corrections, or questions regarding this webpage.