Nephrology Fellowship Education


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We organize our didactic curriculum by topic, with lectures by attendings and fellows to review a topic, followed by journal clubs reviewing important relevant papers, and finally reviewing NephSap questions on the topic.

In addition to these conferences on Monday and Wednesday afternoon, we have a monthly renal biopsy conference with Dr. Billy Fyfe-Kirschner, our renal pathologist, and a monthly dialysis quality improvement conference.

We also encourage attendance of two conferences from our Department of Internal Medicine, a weekly Grand Rounds and Case Conference (Tuesday morning and Thursday noon respectively).

The goal of this activity is to provide education and support research activities to the renal fellows and faculty, and we have the following weekly/monthly activities:

  1. Journal club

  2. Pathophysiology conference

  3. Renal biopsy conference

  4. Renal grand rounds (outstanding outside renal experts)

  5. Didactic lectures

  6. Research conference

  7. Transplant conference

  8. QAI (Quality Assessment & Improvement)


The monthly renal biopsy conference is a cornerstone of the teaching program. Interactive discussions among faculty, fellows and renal pathologists provide a stimulating atmosphere in which fellows are active participants in case presentations and management decisions.

The division sponsors a Visiting Professor series in which thought leaders in Nephrology are invited to lecture and attend clinical rounds.