Clinical Trials

Combining our efforts with the incredible work of New Jersey’s only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, we are proud to open clinical trials in brain and spine tumors. We are continuously evaluating trials, developing our own investigator-initiated trials, and working collaboratively with industry, foundations, and consortia to bring you the best and most appropriate trials.

At present, we have a number of active, open brain tumor trials:

  1. Phase II trials of BRAF and MEK inhibition in papillary craniopharyngiomas
  2. Adjuvant radiation therapy in higher-grade meningiomas
  3. Dendritic-based immunotherapy in recurrent glioblastoma

Pankaj Agarwalla, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery

Detlev Boison, PhD

Professor & Vice Chair of Research & Training, Department of Neurosurgery