Functional Neurosurgery

The Center for Functional Neurosurgery and Neuromodulation

The Center for Functional Neurosurgery Neuromodulation at the Neurological Institute of New Jersey is a leading center in developing neuromodulation treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions. Neuromodulation, which involves the use of implantable devices that alter nervous system activity through the use of electrical stimulation, is one of the fastest growing medical specialties.

Our neuromodulation team, which includes specialized physicians and researchers, is among the most experienced in the area. The Center is lead by neurosurgeon Movement Disorder Neurologist Erin M Feinstein, DO and Psychologist Donald Ciccone. We collaborate closely with Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Psychology, and Radiation Oncology specialists.  We currently perform deep brain stimulation for treatment of Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia and obsessive compulsive disorder.