The Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School Hematopathology Services provides consultations in bone marrow pathology, coagulation / special hemostasis, flow cytometry, and lymphoid disorders. No case is signed out without direct contact with the submitting physician, both to discuss the findings and to ensure that all clinical questions and / or concerns have been addressed.

Bone Marrow Services

  • Adult and pediatric care
  • Same day interpretation of peripheral blood and BM aspirate smears
  • Same day processing and review of biopsies received before 11amd
  • Digital images of each case included in final report

Flow Cytometry Services

  • First institution in New Jersey to perform 5-color flow cytometry
  • Work-up of lukemia, lymphomas, plasma cell disorders, PNH, and myelodysplasia
  • Quantitative hemaglobin F cells
  • Report sent within 24 hours

Coagulation Testing

  • Routine and esoteric testing performed
  • Work-up of coagulation disorders based on generally accepted algoithms

Quality, Timeliness, and Personalized Service

  • Receipt confirmation faxed upon specimen arrival including contact information
  • Friendly and experienced personnel ready to assist in meeting your specific service expectations
  • All reports to be faxed followed by a hard copy mailed