Perinatal Pathology

Dr. Heller has focused her pathology practice in the areas of perinatal and Ob/Gtn pathology and holds board certifications in Ob/Gyn, anatomic pathology, and pediatric pathology. In addition to an active clinical practice, Dr. Heller has conducted focused academic and clinical research and has published extensively in the fields of perinatal and Ob/Gyn pathology.


  • Perinatal autopsy
  • Evaluation of products of conception in cases of missed abortions or elective terminations for indicatiosn such as anomalies
  • Placental examinations
  • Evaluation of pediatric and adult congenital heart disease

Corresponding placentas should accompany all fetal cases for completeness of evaluation. Fetuses under 20 weeks of age will receive a surgical pathology number and will undergo hospital disposal unless otherwise requested. Fetuses 20 weeks and over must have an autopsy consent form submitted from the originating hospital. In these cases, removal of the organ block submitted with photographs and radiographs from the originating hospital will permit the originating hospital to assist the family in their funeral arrangements.

  • A list of instructions is available on request.
  • Cases are received from the courier from the sending hospital
  • All reports are faxed



Dr. Debra S. Heller