The following are highlights of the benefits offered by New Jersey Medical School. Please visit the GME website ( for additional details regarding institutional benefits.


Rutgers New Jersey Medical School provides a competitive salary which gives residents options as to where to live as well as funds to enjoy life outside of the hospital. Salaries effective July 1, 2021 are listed below:

PGY-1: $61,749
PGY-2: $65,934
PGY-3: $69,970
PGY-4: $74,056


  • All residents have access to health insurance, a prescription drug program, dental insturance, and life insurance. An educational stipend of $600 is provided for educational purposes. In addition, incoming residents are given $600.00 to attend resident orientation in June.
  • Residents are provided with coverage in the event of an emergency or illness.
  • Daycare facilities are available to housestaff for a reduced rate.
  • Expenses are covered for travel and lodging to conferences if the housestaff member is the first author on the presentation.


  • Residents receive employment contracts that are valid for a maximum of four years. Therefore, for your four years in the program, you will sign four contracts, one per year. Details covered within the contract include your upcoming postgraduate training year, duration of appointment, salary, health and vacation benefits, uniforms, liability coverage, and your obligations as a member of the housestaff.

Professional Liability Coverage

  • All housestaff are covered for medical liability as part of their contract during their employment at New Jersey Medical School.

Educational Resources

  • MD Consult and up-to-date is offered at no charge to the housestaff; the Rutgers Libraries system provides numerous full text journals which can be accessed in the institution as well as remotely.
  • Both hospital sites have their own libraries in addition to the vast Rutgers library resources.
  • Electronic medical records are widely used at our hospital sites.
  • Goals and objectives and a resident handbook describing the program are provided to all residents.