Program Director's Welcome

Congratulations on your decision to pursue residency training in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology! You’ve already likely considered the following questions in choosing a pathology residency program:

1. Will this program train me to be an excellent, competent, and confident pathologist? Will I become adept at reading slides and developing judgment in a variety of clinical scenarios?
2. Will I be able to take care of patients on my own under supervision?
3. Is this program committed to helping me pursue my career goals, whether academic or community based?
4. Is there adequate diversity of patients as well as within the residency program?
5. Do the residents have great relationships with each other inside and outside the hospital?

YES! At New Jersey Medical School, we have the honor of running a residency program which, when residents reach its conclusion, have acquired training to compete with any program in the country. Our residents receive an educational experience that allows them to mature into competent, knowledgeable pathologists. Our residents are led by a faculty that enjoy teaching across the scope, in the laboratories, and in the classroom. As the resident matures in his or her training, we practice supervision while giving residents increased autonomy, particularly in their senior years.

We have sought to recruit, and continue to actively seek to recruit, a diverse staff to participate in the care of our diverse patient population. University Hospital currently stands alone as the only university medical center in northern New Jersey, and is home to services with unique strengths such as otolaryngology, musculoskeletal oncology, and ophthalmology; these services provide cases from which our residents learn on a daily basis.

Our residents provide strength to our program, and our faculty spend enormous amounts of time with them one on one in an attempt to provide an excellent education in both anatomic and clinical pathology. Given that we are a mid-size program, our residents have become a tight knit group that looks out for one another, and even spends time together outside of the hospital. It is this camaraderie which allows our program to stand apart from many others.

I urge you to strongly consider the anatomic and clinical residency program at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Ada Baisre-DeLeon, M.D.
Residency Program Directo