Dental Courses

The dental teaching programs in the department are designed to combine a core of basic knowledge with understanding of fundamental principles.  Courses in Physiology and Pharmacology, Pain Management include clinical correlation sessions to connect lecture and reading material to the practice  of clinical medicine and dentistry.  A combined DMD / PhD program is also offered.  In addition, opportunities exist for students and clinicians who wish to pursue research related to any of our Faculty Research Interests. The department is strongly committed to its educational role at all levels, and strives to integrate top quality research with excellence in education.

Dental Physiology

This course, given to first year dental students, teaches general principles of human physiology.  The application of these principles in the practice of dentistry is illustrated by appropriate examples.

Pharmacology Analgesia and Local Analgesia
This second year dental pharmacology course is taught jointly with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  It provides core information on pharmacological principles and specific aspects of local anesthetics and non-steroidal analgesics.  It includes the anatomy of the head and neck and the techniques of local anesthesia.

Topics in Medical Pharmacology for the Dentist
This third year dental pharmacology course prepares the student for the rational and safe use of drugs in preventing and treating human disease.  It familiarizes the student with drugs in general medical, principles of toxicology and general and sedation anesthesiology.