Primer on Humanism

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As Interest Fades in the Humanities, Colleges Worry

NYT October 30, 2013


Training the Doctor’s Eye Through the Study of Art

Rutgers Today October 27, 2013


Dead Man Walking

NEJM October 23, 2013


What’s Good in the World of Medicine

Blog by Hedy S. Wald, Phd, Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Alpert Medical School of Brown University


Medicine’s Search for Meaning

David Bornstein

New York Times September 18, 2013


"For Better Social Skills, Scientists Recommend a Little Chekhov"

Pam Belluck

New York Times October 3, 2013

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Notes From Trigger-Gate: Why I Give Trigger Warnings

Sayantani Dasgupta, M.D., MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

Columbia University

The Weeklings June 5, 2014