Rutgers Mass Spectrometry Center for Integrative Neuroscience Research

The overall purpose of the Rutgers Mass Spectrometry Center for Integrative Neuroscience Research (MSCINR) is to provide expert assistance for proteomics instrumentation and guaranteed instrument usage priority to NINDS-funded projects. The specific objectives of the MSCINR are to provide NINDS investigators with:

  1. Cutting-edge proteomic technology and technical expertise

  2. Consultation in proteomic experimental design & data analysis

  3. A capability to adapt proteomics technologies specifically to the needs of neuroscience researchers

  4. A forum to enhance basic and clinical research collaborations and expand the research base


Please contact Dr. Hong Li , the director of MSCINR for project consultation.


Papers published with the support of previous Neuroproteomics Core Facility and new funded MSCINR can be downloaded.


Please email Dr. Hong Li your ftp site for file uploading if you want to access any raw images and mass spectral information associated with our publications.


Grants Funded by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Rutgers


Project Number
Contact PI / Project Leader
Project Title
5R01NS059921-05 Abercrombie, Elizabeth D.
Basal Ganglia Functions In Huntington'S Disease: Genetic Mouse Models
7F31NS076187-03 Cifelli, Stacey Elizabeth
Mtor Complexes In Oligodendrocyte Differentiation
7R01NS036647-12 Dreyfus, Cheryl F
The Role Of Neurotrophins In Oligodendrocyte Function
5R01NS034435-18 Driscoll, Monica A.
Mechanisms Of Degenerative Cell Death In C. Elegans
5R01NS034958-18 Edery, Isaac 
Clock Mechanism Underlying Drosophila Rhythmic Behavior
5R01NS042088-12 Edery, Isaac 
Seasonal Adaptation Of A Circadian Clock
5R01NS045556-10 Friedman, Wilma J
Neurotrophins In The Injured Brain
5R21NS076867-02 Friedman, Wilma J
Neuron-Specific Effects Of Il-1B
5R01NS070173-03 Friedman, Wilma J 
Modulating Prongf-Induced Cell Death In Epilepsy: Strategies For Neuroprotection
5R01NS071022-04 Herrup, Karl 
The Function Of Atm Protein In The Biology Of The Adult Neuron Cns:
7R01NS070898-04 Junn, Eunsung 
Alpha-Synuclein Regulation By Micrornas
5R01NS078385-02 Kohn, Joachim B.
An Engineered Graft To Encourage Preferential Motor Reinnervation Following Perip
5R01NS072950-03 Koos, Tibor  
Optogenetic Analysis Of Neostriatal Circuits Engaged By Cholinergic Interneurons
1U01NS079249-01A1 Laskin, Jeffrey D 
Developing Drugs To Mitigate Parathion Intoxication
1R21NS085569-01 Lee, Kibum 
Novel Magnetic Core/Shell Nanoparticle-Based Stem Cell Therapy To Direct Neural S
5P30NS046593-11 Li, Hong 
Project 1 - Renewal Of The Umdnj Neuroproteomics Core Facility
5P30NS046593-11 Li, Hong 
Renewal Of The Umdnj Neuroproteomics Core Facility
5R01NS037918-16 Lobel, Peter 
Novel Lysosomal Enzyme Deficient In Batten Disease
1R15NS071484-01 Markov, Dmitriy 
Mitochondrial Transcription And Its Regulation In Neural Tissue
5R01NS065218-03 Maurel, Patrice 
Nectin-Like Cell Adhesion Molecules And The Mechanisms Of Myelination
5F31NS076269-02 Moore, Lisamarie 
The Pdgf Alpha Neural Progenitor Cells Of The Subventricular Zone Contributes To
7F31NS082015-02 Obiorah, Maryann 
Developmental Teratogenesis Of Methylmercury In Hippocampal Stem Cells
5R00NS051401-04 Paradiso, Kenneth 
Molecular Mechanisms Of Rapid And Slow Endocytosis
5R01NS075367-04 Rasin, Mladen-Roko 
Role Of First Neocortical Rna-Operon In Specification Of Neocortical Projection N
2R01NS055159-06A1 Rohacs, Tibor 
Lipid Regulation Of Transient Receptor Potential Channels
5R01NS069861-04 Santhakumar, Vijayalakshmi 
Perisomatic Inhibitory Network Dysfunction In Neurological Disease
5R21NS078335-02 Schachner, Melitta  
Retasking An Fda-Approved Drug For Use In Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
7R01NS072206-04 Tao, Yuan-Xiang 
Epigenetic Regulation Of Neuropathic Pain: Role Of Native Kv1.2 Antisense Rna
2R01NS034865-15 Tepper, James M
Functional Striatal Microcircuits In Vivo And In Vitro
5R01NS034865-14 Tepper, James M
Nigrostriatal Dopamine Function
7R01NS061805-06 Wadsworth, William G
Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Axon Guidance Receptor Activity
1R21NS076874-01A1 Wood, Teresa L 
Igf-Ii And Insulin Receptors In Neural Stem Cells
3R01NS023945-21S1 Zaborszky, Laszlo 
Afferent Regulation Of Cholinergic Forebrain Neurons
5R01NS023945-21 Zaborszky, Laszlo 
Afferent Regulation Of Cholinergic Forebrain Neurons
7R00NS065183-06 Zhang, Huaye 
The Par-6/Apkc Polarity Complex In Synaptic Assembly And Function