Office of Research

Guidelines for purchasing biomedical and scientific research equipment, reagents and supplies

All Purchase Order Requisitions under $2,500:

Use the Express PO mechanism.  Click here for more information.

Purchase Order Requisitions for all purchases from any of the 57 Vendors approved through Rutgers Contract P08-080 (recommended):

Always refer to contract number P08-080 in your requisition when purchasing reagents, supplies and equipment/instruments from the 57 Rutgers approved research vendors.  The advantage of using one of these vendors is that compliance forms, competing quotes, bidding or waivers are NOT required regardless of the dollar amount or item in the catalogue (i.e., there are no limitations). In addition, the vendor must provide Rutgers customers a minimum discount based on the contract terms. This contract based discount does not preclude further “special” discounts beyond this minimum that you may arrange with the vendor for bulk or special pricing. If a special discount has been quoted, include the list price as well as your negotiated discount price in the banner requisition, with the quotation reference number from the vendor. Keep a copy of your quote for your files.

Purchase Order Requisitions for vendors not approved through contract P08-080:

Purchases from non-Rutgers approved vendors under $2,500: Always use the Express PO mechanism. Indicate the list price and your quoted price (if you have a quoted discount). Indicate that “this reagent/supply/instrument is not available via any of the vendors approved under Rutgers P08-080”.

Purchases from non-Rutgers approved vendors between $2,500–$17,500: Include the following statement in banner when placing the requisition “this reagent/supply/instrument is not available via any of the vendors approved under Rutgers P08-080. Justification: sole source”. If not sole source, provide 3 competing quotes and a justification for your choice of vendor, e.g., the lowest cost, you are purchasing a component of an existing instrument, or other scientific/protocol/empirical data based reasoning.

Purchases from non-Rutgers approved vendors between $17,500–$25,900: Follow the same instructions as # 2; but in addition, compliance forms are also required.

Purchases from non-Rutgers approved vendors above $25,900: If the reagent/supply or instrument is not available through any of the approved vendors, please contact Stanley Makarevic, Bid Waiver Coordinator, to begin the public bid or bid waiver process.

Note: If a vendor that you purchase from on a regular basis is not listed under contract P08-080, please contact Mark Michaelson, Manager, Rutgers Purchasing Services to explore the possibility of adding vendors to this contract via supplements, or other avenues that may be available.


P08-080: Biomedical & Scientific Research Equipment, Reagents & Supplies

Contract Period: May 15, 2008 – May 14, 2013

    A. Daigger & Co.

    Agilent Technologies, Inc.

    Amaxa Biosystems

    Applied Biosystems

    Becton Dickinson and Company (BD Biosciences)

    Beckman Coulter, Inc.

    Buxton Medical Equipment

    Bio-Rad Laboratories

    Bruker Daltonics, Inc.

    Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc.

    Carolina Biological Supply Co.

    Colcom, Inc.

    Denville Scientific

    Fermentas, Inc.

    Fisher Scientific

    Fuji Medical Systems USA, Inc.

    GE Healthcare Bio Sciences Corp.

    Getinge, USA

    Invitrogen Corp.

    Integrated DNA Technologies


    ISC BioExpress

    J&H Berge

    Kub Technologies, Inc.

    Lab Research Products

    Labrepco Inc.

    Laboratory Disposable Products, Inc.

    Leica Microsystems

    Li-Cor Biosciences, Inc.

    Molecular Devices

    Medion Diagnostics Int'l.

    Micro (Micron Optics) Inc.

    Miltenyi Biotec, Inc.

    Neta Scientific, Inc.

    New England BioLabs, Inc.

    NuAire, Inc.


    Para Scientific Co.


    Qiagen, Inc.

    R&D Scientific Corp.

    R&D Systems

    Rainin Instruments LLC

    RC Testing & Service

    Roche Diagnostics

    Sanyo Commercial Solutions

    Sarstedt, Inc.

    Sigma-Aldrich, Inc.

    Spectra Services, Inc.

    Steris Corp.

    ThermoFisher Scientific

    The Baker Company, Inc.

    USA Scientific

    Varian, Inc.

    VWR International, LLC

    Worthington Bioc



    This information was compiled in September 2008 by:

    Gwen Mahon, PhD, NJMS Assistant Dean for Research Administration

    Rick Wernoski, MPA, RWJMS Director of Operations

    Mark Michaelson, Rutgers Manager of Purchasing Services

    Agata Bober, Buyer, Rutgers Purchasing Services.