New Jersey Medical School In The News 2023

What Parents Need to Know About This Winter's Respiratory Illnesses

Experts, including Dr. David Cennimo, NJMS professor, encourage parents to learn the differences between COVID, RSV, the flu and a common cold.

Restricted abortion access studied as possible suicide risk

A recent report states that laws curtailing abortion access in the country were associated with higher suicide rates among reproductive-aged women. Find out what researchers, including Dr. Lauren Naliboff, NJMS professor, has to say.

A new report finds many ER errors in NJ and across the nation

A new report finds millions of people around the country who visit the hospital are misdiagnosed. Is this report flawed? Find out what Dr. Lewis Nelson, NJMS chair of Emergency Medicine, has to say.

Damar Hamlin Is ‘Neurologically Intact’ After Cardiac Arrest—Here’s What That Means

“Neurologically intact” is a trending topic. Experts, including Dr. Erin Feinstein, NJMS neurology professor, define what it means.

Cases of young kids eating legal weed edibles skyrocketing, researchers say

Learn what Dr. Bruce Ruck and other experts are saying about the skyrocketing number of children mistakenly ingesting cannabis edibles.

As Legal Cannabis Expands, More Kids Are Getting Sick From Edibles

With accidental cannabis poisonings on the rise, Dr. Diane Calello, executive and medical director of the NJ Poison Control Center, provides warning signs of accidental cannabis exposure in children.