New Jersey Medical School In The News 2024

Leprosy Cases Are Rising In The US – What Is The Ancient Disease And Why Is It Spreading Now?

Leprosy cases are rising in the U.S. Dr. Robert A. Schwartz, NJMS professor, explains what we need to know.

WMBC-TV News Video - NJ Newark & Match Day

We are incredibly proud of our students who matched on Match Day. To relive the excitement, watch the coverage on WMBC-TV.

How Rutgers Health Addresses Health Inequities Today – and Tomorrow

Explore how Rutgers Health is addressing health inequities to foster healthier futures for New Jersey and beyond.

RWJBarnabas Health and Rutgers Health to Showcase Breakthrough Cardiology Data at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Session & Expo

Physicians-scientists from RWJBarnabas Health and Rutgers Health will present extensive cardiovascular data, highlighting groundbreaking discoveries.

Have concerns about Rutgers’ medical school merger? 2 deans have answers. | Opinion

Curious about the Rutgers' medical school merger? Delve into the top three concerns as both deans share insights and address concerns.

Inside University Hospital’s new $1.2M mobile mammography unit

Learn about the state-of-the-art mobile cancer screening unit at University Hospital - operated in partnership with Rutgers NJMS.

Rutgers Health Expands Women, Infants and Children Program Services in Newark

Discover how a recent grant is amplifying Rutgers Health’s outreach in Newark, addressing nutritional disparities, and fostering community well-being.

Always Check Medicine Labels for Active Ingredients

Exercise caution against accidental overdose during “sniffle season” by diligently reviewing medicine labels for active ingredients.

Man Dies in First Fatal Case of Alaskapox—Here’s What to Know About the Virus

Health experts provide essential details about the spread of Alaskapox.

Officials: 4 middle school students taken to hospital for ingesting marijuana gummies

Dr. Bruce Ruck, of the New Jersey Poison Control Center at Rutgers NJMS, weighs in on the news of children ingesting marijuana products.

Endometriosis Facts That Will Debunk Most of the Myths You've Heard

Health experts provide endometriosis facts, dispel myths, and reveal pathways to lead a healthy life.

Horse Sedative Use Among Humans Spreads in Deadly Mixture of ‘Tranq’ and Fentanyl

Dr. Lewis Nelson, chair of NJMS’ Department of Emergency Medicine, weighs in on this deadly mixture.

Japan, Sweden and Norway have the longest life expectancy. Here are 6 healthy habits you can learn from them.

Explore the secrets of longevity as Japan, Sweden, and Norway lead in life expectancy, with insights from Dr. Rashi Aggarwal, psychiatry professor at Rutgers NJMS.

What's New in Addressing Alcohol Use Disorder

Dr. Petros Levounis, chair of the NJMS Psychiatry Department, weighs in on Alcohol Use Disorder.

Why there’s lead in Stanley water bottles — and the real reason that’s a problem

Discover insights from health experts addressing concerns about lead-laden cups.

CDC warns that Neptune's Fix — 'gas station heroin' — may contain synthetic pot

Neptune’s Fix may contain synthetic pot, raising alarming concerns about its potential life-threatening consequences.

WMBC-TV News Video - Interview Glaucoma

In recognition of National Glaucoma Awareness Month, Dr. Miriam Habiel, NJMS professor in the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Science, discusses prevention and the importance of screening.

University Hospital in Newark, Rutgers launch new Weight Management Center

University Hospital, in partnership with Rutgers NJMS, announced the launch of a new multidisciplinary Weight Management Center.

SBN Interview: Lung Association Report Calls on New Jersey to Make Casinos Smokefree and End the Sale of All Flavored Tobacco Products to Save Lives

Dr. Andrew Berman, Rutgers NJMS professor and division director of Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine, Allergy and Immunologic Diseases, discusses a new report from the American Lung Association.

What Happens to My Body During Dry January?

Can reducing alcohol consumption for a month be beneficial to your overall health? Discover insights from health experts.

Decoding the mysteries of “medically unexplained” fatigue

Unlocking the enigma of medically unexplained fatigue: New research offers hope and insights, with Dr. Steven Schutzer, Rutgers NJMS professor in the Department of Medicine, shedding light on potential respite for those impacted.

Weather Questions

Is it safe to eat snow? Learn what Dr. Diane Calello, medical and executive director of the New Jersey Poison Center at Rutgers NJMS, has to say.

Rutgers NJ Medical School Awarded $597K Grant for Innovative WIC Community Outreach Project

Awarded grant will amplify outreach efforts, increase WIC awareness, and reduce disparities in the program’s delivery.

Q&A: US cervical cancer screening, treatment, at-home HPV tests

Q&A offers insights on at-home HPV tests, cervical cancer screenings, and treatment helping people navigate the process of detection, prevention, and care.