New Jersey Medical School In The News 2020

Does Your Kid Need Blue Light Glasses?

New Jersey Family Magazine – Dr. Albert S. Khouri discusses the impact remote learning and a subsequent rise in screen time has had on children's eyesight.

Family Catches COVID-19 After One Person Gives Friend a Ride – Dr. Valerie Fitzhugh comments on a story regarding a family that was devastated by COVID-19, stating that she discourages unnecessary travel, as the close quarters of a vehicle put others at risk, even while masked.

Why Weddings Are Becoming Superspreader Events

Healthline – Dr. Shobha Swaminathan examines the risk of attending weddings, noting that the danger of contracting COVID-19 could increase as it gets colder and gatherings move indoors.

8 Signs of a Blood Clot You Should Never Ignore

MSN – Dr. Lewis Nelson talks to MSN about common symptoms of blood clots, noting that shortness of breath and a racing heart are among the warning signs.

Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus Testing

Shape – Dr. Debra Chew talks to Shape about the variety of COVID-19 tests available to the public, including when to get tested and how to understand your results.

Did Thanksgiving travel increase COVID-19 cases?

The New York Times – Dr. Lewis Nelson discusses whether or not Thanksgiving travel spurred an increase in new COVID-19 cases, noting that people should remain concerned and attentive.

How Memory and Learning Can Improve Quality of Life

Medium – Dr. Nancy Chiaravalloti participates in a Q&A examining her research on memory and learning.

Vitamin D Regulates Calcium in Intestine Differently Than Previously Thought

Bariatric News – Dr. Sylvia Christakos explains a new study showing that vitamin D regulates calcium in a section of the intestine that previously was thought not to have played a key role.

What the region's hospitals are seeing as COVID-19 roars back

WHYY – Dr. Lewis Nelson explains what health care workers in the area's hospitals are reporting as COVID-19 surges in New Jersey.

A guide to COVID testing in NJ

The Record – Dr. Stanley Weiss discusses the variety of COVID-19 tests available in New Jersey, noting that patients should exercise caution when relying upon rapid test results.

10 vital facts about wearing face masks during the pandemic

The Star-Ledger – Dr. David Cennimo emphasizes the importance of wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Is it a Cold, the Flu or COVID-19?

Patch – Dr. Diane Calello talks about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, the flu, and COVID-19 as signs and symptoms can be confusing.

How the FDA is Advising Hospitals to Prepare for the Worst

Yahoo News – Dr. Lewis Nelson weighs in on how hospitals are preparing for challenges such as a COVID-19 surge, chemical threats and more.

Roundtable on Access to Maternal Health Care and Family Planning Services

NJ Spotlight News – Dr. Damali Campbell participated in a recent roundtable discussion featuring First Lady Tammy Murphy on solutions for providing better maternal health care in New Jersey.

Temperature checks may not catch COVID-19, but experts say they play an important role

Yahoo News – Dr. Shobha Swaminathan discusses the role temperature checks play in combatting the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Should all N.J. schools go virtual?

The Star-Ledger talks to experts, including Dr. David Cennimo, about whether all schools in New Jersey should switch to remote learning as cases of COVID-19 continue to climb.

Children Produce Weaker Coronavirus Antibodies, Study Finds

The New York Times – Dr. Maria Gennaro discusses a new study demonstrating that children can clear a COVID-19 infection much faster than adults which may help explain why many kids don't become seriously ill.

Thanksgiving vs. 'Pandemic Fatigue'

The Washington Post – As the nation grapples with "pandemic fatigue," Dr. Michelle DallaPiazza warns the public not to let their guard down during the Thanksgiving holidays.

New Jersey Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Legalizing Marijuana

CBS – Dr. Diane Calello talks to CBS News about New Jersey's vote to legalize cannabis for recreational use, stating that safety must be the highest priority.

No, Mouthwash Will Not Save You From the Coronavirus

The New York Times – Dr. Valerie Fitzhugh weighs in on whether or not using mouthwash can protect you from COVID-19. The article notes that even if you coated your mouth with the substance, the virus would still remain in your body.

So you tested negative for COVID-19. What does that mean?

NJ Spotlight News – Drs. Maureen Gang and Lewis Nelson pen an editorial to help readers understand when to get tested for COVID-19 and how to understand your results.

Doctors May Have Found New Organs in Your Head

The New York Times – Dr. Valerie Fitzhugh comments on new reports that doctors may have found secretive new organs in the center of the head near the nasal cavity.

Assessing COVID-19's toll on Black physicians' practices

WHYY – Dr. Damali Campbell discusses the toll the pandemic has taken on Black physician's practices, noting that 90% of members of the New Jersey Medical Association have reported financial losses due to COVID-19.

It's Time to Talk About Covid-19 and Surfaces Again

Wired – Dr. Emanuel Goldman weighs in on how the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in surface disinfection and what we have learned about how virus moves on surfaces.

Opinion: 3 steps to save lives as N.J.'s opioid addictions rise

The Star-Ledger – Drs. Erin Zerbo and Amesika Nyaku pen an editorial on how New Jersey can stem the rising tide of overdoses that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

N.J. restaurants struggle to plan for winter dining in a pandemic

The Star-Ledger – Dr. David Cennimo comments on the challenges New Jersey restaurants will face serving customers outside as weather gets colder.

Hand sanitizer accidents leading to more NJ Poison Control calls

NJ 101.5 – Dr. Bruce Ruck discusses calls to New Jersey's poison control hotline related to cleaning products and hand sanitizer, which jumped from about 500 to 850 this year.

Coronavirus detected in lake water, researchers find

Yahoo News – Dr. Valerie Fitzhugh discusses the discovery of COVID-19 in lakes, noting that the public shouldn't panic and the bigger issue would be crowds at a beach near the lake than the water in the lake itself.

Man Dies After Eating Black Licorice for Several Weeks

Yahoo News – Following news of a Massachusetts man who died after eating large amounts of licorice on a daily basis, Dr. Diane Calello talks to Yahoo News about the effect the candy can have on your health.

Vaccinations for Children from Low-income Families Plunge by More Than 20%

Express Digest – Dr. Hanan Tanuos discusses the importance of keeping up with routine pediatric vaccinations in the wake of COVID-19 and why some parents may be falling behind.

Nursing Homes Express Concerns Over Access to Faster COVID-19 Tests

The Star-Ledger – As nursing homes statewide inquire about the saliva test developed by Rutgers, Dr. Maria Gennaro provides more information on COVID-19 diagnostic tools.

Rutgers Establishes Study Site for Kidney Disease in COVID-19 Survivors

Patch – Dr. Hong Li explains why researchers anticipate a surge in chronic kidney disease and kidney failure post-COVID-19 and how a new study site at NJMS could help.

Is Your Chest Pain a Symptom of COVID-19?

Women's Health – Dr. Shobha Swaminathan weighs in on common symptoms of COVID-19, noting that chest pain from coughing can cause general soreness in that area.

Experts Find Link Between Hearing Loss and Opioid Use

KYW News – Dr. Diane Calello explains new Rutgers research demonstrating that substantial opioid use can lead to hearing loss.

Opinion: There's No Racial Justice Without Health Justice

The Star-Ledger – NJMS resident Dr. Toby Terwilliger pens an editorial stating that Black lives must matter in education, housing, the workplace, and all other facets of life if we hope to achieve racial justice.

Glass Tables Can Cause Life-Threatening Injuries

Patch – Dr. Stephanie Bonne sheds light on a new study which provides evidence that stricter federal regulations are needed to protect consumers from faulty glass tables.

Students Envision Mental Health in Post-COVID World

Psychiatric News – APA's magazine spotlights four NJMS students who presented a virtual series for families, clinicians, educators on how the pandemic could impact the future.

Experts: Revamped OxyContin Hasn't Curbed Abuse

The Washington Post – Dr. Lewis Nelson weighs in on reports that a harder-to-crush form of the highly addictive pain killer, OxyContin has not curbed abuse or overdoses.

NY Will Test the Dead More Often for Coronavirus & Flu

The New York Times – Dr. Valerie A. Fitzhugh sheds light on why states should extend COVID-19 tests to patients post-mortem, in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Is Hitting the Snooze Button Bad for Your Sleep?

Mic – Dr. Xue Ming comments on how hitting the snooze button multiple times before you wake up can impact the health of your sleep cycle.

New Treatments Worm Their Way into Development

GEN News – Dr. Mark C. Siracusa sheds light on new Rutgers research that could lead to better treatments for allergies, asthma and COPD.

Opinion: Loss and Lessons During This COVID-19 Pandemic

The Star-Ledger – Fourth-year NJMS student Neil Bhavsar writes an editorial about the experience of losing his grandmother and family matriarch to COVID-19.

The Sneaky Way Having the Flu Can Mess with Your Period

Bustle – Dr. Naglaa Rizk discusses how the flu can affect the menstrual cycle, noting that stress from the flu can lead to changes in your periods or even amenorrhea.

Scientists Develop Faster Way to Decontaminate N95 Masks

NJTV News – Dr. Riccardo Russo explains how researchers at NJMS cut clean time for N95 masks in half by using a vaporized hydrogen peroxide system.

Opinion: As children begin to gather again, up-to-date vaccinations become critical

The Star-Ledger – NJMS student Arvinth Sethuraman and Dr. Joseph Schwab co-author an editorial urging parents not to neglect vaccinations or wellness visits during the pandemic.

COVID-19 vaccine trial seeks N.J. volunteers

The Star-Ledger – NJMS and University Hospital prepare to run a medical trial that is part of Moderna's COVE Study, which will involve giving people either a COVID-19 vaccine or a placebo dose.

Dean Johnson Addresses Incoming Alfred University Class

The Evening Tribune – Dean Johnson recently served as the convocation speaker at his alma mater, urging the incoming class to "change the world."

Plasma Treatment 'Safe' But More Research Needed

NJTV News – Dr. Marc Klapholz sheds light on the efficacy of convalescent plasma as a treatment for COVID-19.

25 Subtle Signs You've Caught Coronavirus

MSN – Dr. Rachel Kaye discusses subtle symptoms that may actually be signs that a patient has contracted COVID-19.

NJMS, University Hospital Launch Virtual Urgent Care

ROI-NJ – Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and University Hospital launch a new, seven-day virtual urgent care center to ensure patients get the care they need.

Mental Health Providers Prepare for Wave of COVID-related Ills

ROI-NJ – Dr. Petros Levounis comments on concerns of an impending mental health crisis as patients cope with the trauma of living through a pandemic.

Experts Weigh in on Decision to Reopen Schools

The Star-Ledger – Dr. David Cennimo discusses what parents should consider when deciding whether to send their children back to school.

You Can Stop Cleaning Your Mail Now

The Atlantic – Dr. Emanuel Goldman weighs in on the "scourge of hygiene theater" in the United States and whether America's obsession with cleaning can actually slow the spread of COVID-19.

How Protestors are Combatting Tear Gas

The Washington Post – In the wake of protests in Portland, Dr. Lewis Nelson describes the dangers of exposure to tear gas, noting that chemical particles stick to bodies and clothes.

Why Being Out in the Sun Makes You Tired

Mic – Dr. Ron Weiss shares how high temperatures and humidity can lead to fatigue in an article examining the risks of prolonged exposure to summer heat.

COVID-19 Recovery Can Take Longer Than Expected

Yahoo News – Dr. David Cennimo comments on new data demonstrating the lasting health impacts of contracting COVID-19.

New study finds people are drinking at unsafe levels more frequently during the pandemic

Yahoo News – Dr. Petros Levounis weighs in on a new study on alcohol consumption during COVID-19, stating that the results are especially striking as this trend is seen most in people who don't have substance use issues.

A New Generation of Fast Coronavirus Tests Is Coming

The New York Times – Dr. David Alland discusses new tests to detect COVID-19, if they will be effective and when they may be available for public use.

How to Stay Safe and Socialize During the Summer of COVID-19

Rutgers Today – Dr. Jason Yang offers advice on how to enjoy the summer season without risking exposure to COVID-19.

Even Asymptomatic People Can Spread COVID-19 Within a Room

Healthline – Dr. David Cennimo explains why a new study provides further evidence of risk for infection from people who may not appear sick.

When And How Will Child Care Return?

New York Times – Dr. David Cennimo prepares parents for a future of uncertainty and risk that must be managed to maximize safety.

Connecting The Dots… From Diet To Disease – Dr. Ron Weiss offers a "teachable moment" about how our food system may impact our health.

Communities Of Color: Primary Care Challenges

TapInto – NJMS OB-GYN Dr. Damali Campbell wants doctors and legislators to collaborate to ensure that everyone has access to telemedicine.

Are Doctors Too Quick To Diagnose CTE?

US News – NJMS neurosurgeon Dr. Ira Goldstein discusses a new study examining NFL players who may have been misdiagnosed with CTE.

Essex County Honors Health Care Workers

Video – On April 22, law enforcement and first responders in Essex County held a parade to honor health care workers battling COVID-19 at Newark hospitals.

Getting COVID-19 Treatment To The Needy – Dr. Glenn Fennelly writes that COVID-19 treatments must be fully accessible to those on society’s margins, including the homeless, incarcerated and undocumented.

Coronavirus Does Not Discriminate By Weight

Wired – NJMS researcher Joy Cox weighs in on whether obesity increases the risk of COVID-19, as some say, or if existing social biases make public health disparities worse.

Home Cleaning Product Poisoning On The Rise

New York Times – Dr. Diane Calello discusses an increase in poisonings from misused household cleaning products.

Time To Get To Work: Early Graduation At NJMS — All final-year NJMS students will graduate in April rather than May, making them eligible to begin their residencies early and combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Is COVID-19 A Risk With Food Delivery?

Yahoo – Many people are afraid to have meals delivered. An NJMS expert offers his thoughts on staying safe and still eating your favorite foods.

Experts Discuss How To Tame Coronavirus

Newsy — "It's very important to minimize the risk to seniors in our population...What happens if one of your parents get sick?" An NJMS doctor has advice on fighting COVID-19.

“We signed up for taking care of people” — Two NJMS students talk about graduating medical school in the face of a public health crisis.

NJMS Team Evaluates New COVID-19 Test

Dr. David Alland led a research team in developing an innovative point-of-care test to detect COVID-19, the coronavirus disease that has affected citizens around the world.

Protecting kids with asthma from coronavirus

Chalkbeat – There are many similarities between COVID-19 and an asthma attack, and parents need to know how to keep their children safe.

I can’t taste my food. Do I have COVID-19?

My Central Jersey – Even if you have no other symptoms, losing your sense of taste or smell could be a sign of COVID-19, says NJMS otolaryngologist Dr. Rachel Kaye.

Can “herd immunity” work against coronavirus?

Fox News – If the majority of people in an area are immune to a disease, it will often recede. But will that work with COVID-19? Experts weigh in.

Pope Francis says put your smartphone away

MarketWatch – Emphasizing the importance of face-to-face communication with family, the pope says to put down your phone. NJMS researchers agree but for different reasons.

Can the flu shot give you the flu? [Video]

Patch - With flu season in full swing, watch as Dr. David Cennimo answers FAQs about this common infection.

In N.J.’s opioid crisis, jails are the broken link – In a candid QnA, Dr. Erin Zerbo discusses opioid addiction and the treatment people receive in jail

Looking back on 2019

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