New Jersey Medical School Spotlight 2024

Rutgers Health at 10: Addressing Health Inequities Today – and Tomorrow
Explore how Rutgers Health is addressing health inequities to foster healthier futures for New Jersey and beyond.

Rutgers Health Expands Women, Infants and Children Program Services in Newark
Discover how a recent grant is amplifying Rutgers Health's outreach in Newark, addressing nutritional disparities, and fostering community well-being.

Match Day Brings Celebration as Medical Students Glimpse Their Futures
We are immensely proud of our students who matched on Match Day – marking the next chapter in their medical journey.

The Story of the Department of Surgery at the New Jersey Medical School
Discover the captivating narrative of Rutgers NJMS' Department of Surgery, chronicled by Dr. David H. Livingston.

Two Rutgers Professors Named 2023 Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors
We are proud that one of our professors, Dr. Fred Russell Kramer, is a part of this incredible list of Fellows – earning distinction for health science advancement.

Water Beads’ Hidden Dangers
Dr. Diane Calello, medical director of the New Jersey Poison Control Center at Rutgers NJMS, highlights potential health risks associated with water beads, a popular toy among children.

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s WIC Program and Greater Newark Health Coalition Announce the Launch of a Grant to Expand Outreach Efforts to Families
The awarded grant will amplify outreach initiatives, increase WIC awareness, and reduce disparities in the program's delivery.

Rutgers Awarded $3.9 Million NIH Grant for Lung Disease Study
Researchers will examine how the body’s adaptations to viruses, fungi, and parasites change its ability to combat unrelated respiratory infections.

A Decade of Commitment to Community Health
Learn how Rutgers Health is deepening its engagement services and programs for the communities it serves.