Be Unlike the Others. Distinction Programs at NJMS set you apart.

Designed to enrich academic endeavors, Distinction Programs provide NJMS students an opportunity to distinguish themselves from other medical school graduates. Students interested in focused studies have the opportunity to choose among five Distinction Program offerings: Service; Global Health; Urban Health; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Medical Education.

Service - Further your study of community-engaged service learning and coordinate with academic health centers, community-based organizations, and social service agencies to promote better health outcomes for your patients.

Global Health - Study the global burden of disease and its potential role as a contributing factor in international development as you gain a strong foundation to be active in global health in a practical, effective and ethically sound manner.

Urban Health - Focus on the public health needs of urban and disadvantaged populations while proposing and assessing strategies to enhance health outcomes, improve access to quality care, and advance medical knowledge within the communities you serve.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Growth. Advancement. Encouragement. Change the way medical care is delivered by developing your innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to reduce healthcare costs, advance digital medicine, and apply new health-related initiatives.

Medical Education – Future educators will be introduced to core principles in medical education, administration, and curriculum development/assessment. Future academic healthcare leaders have the opportunity to gain experience in the governance, structure, and key functions of academic medicine.

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