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In Wake of COVID-19, NJMS Resident Creates Virtual Lecture for Ortho Students Nationwide

In the midst of a pandemic, one exceptional NJMS resident, Jeremy Hreha, PGY-5, NJMS '15, is leading an initiative to educate students in the field of orthopaedic surgery.
After receiving news that students across the nation would be limited in rotating outside of their home programs in orthopaedic surgery due to COVID-19, Hreha led the development of a medical student lecture series to prepare students for their upcoming rotations.

What started as a small, earnest pilot series for NJMS students quickly became a nationwide weekly lecture series which is now viewed by hundreds of students applying to orthopaedics.

Hreha recruited NJMS colleagues Joe Ippolito (PGY4, NJMS '17) and Joe Galloway (PGY4) to assist with his educational efforts.

"Jeremy is the ultimate selfless leader and possesses this charisma that you just can't say no when he asks you for help. It has been an honor to help him with this series," said Ippolito. "Jeremy embodies a passion for teaching that is unparalleled amongst residents, and I have benefitted from him tremendously as a mentor and friend."

"As a graduate of NJMS, Jeremy's commitment to our community remains steadfast, as he will be staying on for one more year as the NJMS orthopaedic trauma fellow next year," Ippolito added. "Congrats on all your success, Jeremy!"

Student Reactions to Hreha's Virtual Ortho Student Lecture Series

"The NJMS Ortho Student Lecture Series has been one of the most useful resources for developing my orthopaedic surgery knowledge. While the COVID-19 pandemic delayed this year's sub-internship experience, the NJMS residents accepted the challenge of educating students virtually. I am confident that their efforts jump started my understanding of the field to build upon."  –James Potter, MS4 at NJMS

"The NJMS Ortho Student Lecture Series has been an invaluable resource as my peers and I begin our transition from medical school to an orthopaedic residency. Gaining a better understanding of the basic principles taught in these lectures has played a key role in my success on rotations. The orthopaedic residents at NJMS have gone above and beyond to help medical students not only from our program but also from across the country."
–Michael Fields, MS4 at NJMS

"The NJMS Ortho Student Lecture Series has been a great resource to me as a fourth year medical student applying to orthopaedic surgery. I learned about various orthopaedic topics and procedures, such as intramedullary nailing and total hip arthroplasty, which all proved extremely useful in both the operating room and hospital floors during my acting internship. I am confident that what I have learned will continue to help me when I enter my residency years. I appreciate the time and effort put forth by the residents in making this series and am excited for future sessions." –Akhil Dondapati, MS4 at NJMS

Click here to view video recordings of prior lecture series hosted by Hreha. To learn more about the NJMS Ortho Student Lecture Series, visit the NJMS Orthopaedic Residency Instagram page @njms.orthopaedics.