Rising Third & Fourth Year Student Profiles

Opportunities to learn, rebuild, and grow. While the global pandemic has been extremely disruptive, our rising third and fourth year NJMS students are pushing through adversities, gaining unique experiences, and are more eager than ever to positively impact their communities as future physicians. 

There is much to look forward to with a new semester on the horizon. Click on each student profile to learn more about their perspectives and experiences at NJMS as they prepare to launch their career in medicine. 


Scott Fabricant – Understanding Dimensions of Diversity

"Diversity, in all sorts of dimensions. There's my classmates, who beyond having a high level of racial, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity also have a wealth of diversity with regards to lived experience and perspective."

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Grace An - Optimistic and Ready for the Challenge

"I look forward to returning to the floors and seeing patients again. I am excited to learn and be challenged…In the long run, I am optimistic about improvements within the healthcare system and environment of health equity."

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Rob Brumer - Telemedicine for the Foreseeable Future

"One thing I'm particularly hopeful for is the use of telemedicine...Travel time for a doctor's appointment can be a significant barrier to care - this is especially true for individuals who work multiple jobs and/or rely on public transport."

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Priya Kantesaria - Sustainable and Equitable Patient Care

"NJMS heavily integrates health equity and social justice into our larger curriculum. It is only become more apparent, especially during this pandemic, that social determinants of health play an incredible role in providing sustainable and equitable patient care."

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Sudeepti Vedula - Learning Within a Diverse Community

"NJMS is probably one of the most diverse communities I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. I have been able to interact with people of all different backgrounds with all different interests - an experience that is invaluable when learning how to practice medicine."

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