Q&A: Rising Fourth Year Student

Grace An - Optimistic and Ready for the Challenge


I look forward to returning to the floors and seeing patients again. I am excited to learn and be challenged. In addition, medical schools and students nationwide are working hard to both lend a hand during the pandemic and prepare for ERAS. It should be interesting to see the 2021 Match results, given the unprecedented changes COVID-19 has brought to medical education. In the long run, I am optimistic about improvements within the healthcare system and environment of health equity.

I see a stronger marriage between public health and clinical care. I see greater emphasis on prevention, primary care, and mental health. I see more people acknowledging and speaking out against the social injustices and disparities that impact health outcomes. Moreover, with advancing technology, I see more health care providers using telemedicine, and embracing social media to spread updated information to the public.

Surprisingly, cleaning helps me manage stress. I've cleaned on a daily basis since the pandemic began and rearranged my room twice. My hobbies and interests involve the outdoors; therefore, I have not been able to do those activities. However, I have had several online game nights with family and friends. I regularly exercise with my friends using video chat and workout routines on YouTube. And no, I have not taken up baking.

The community at NJMS is very strong. I'm not just referring to peers, but professors, residents, and upperclassmen as well. Even the patients are open to sharing with students and helping us learn. Now more than ever, the administration is doing its best to give us the exposure we need to make career decisions before residency applications are due. Attendings and residents are sincerely invested in our learning, and upperclassmen offer their time to help us succeed. In short, the people at NJMS have best helped me prepare for a long career in medicine.