Gene Expression - Course Information

GSND 5113Q

Instructors:Emanuel Goldman, PhD ( , 973-972-4367)

Lecture time:Mondays 2:20-5:00 PM, and Thursdays 2:20-5:00 PM, April 30 - June 29

Lecture room:ICPH Auditorium (225 Warren Street)

Prerequisites: None

Grade mode: Normal

Credits: 3


The mechanism by which genetic information is expressed will be taught. Both bacterial and eukaryotic gene expression will be covered. Topics will include description of molecular components involved in gene expression (RNA polymerases, messenger RNA, transfer RNA, ribosomes), how the genetic code functions, and processes and regulatory features of transcription and translation. Some basic bacterial genetics will be reviewed (to provide background in understanding how regulatory features were discovered), as well as some classic historical experiments. Gene regulation in some bacterial pathogens and in some human viral pathogens will be described. A detailed syllabus will be provided to all students, as well as recommended chapters in textbooks and/or review articles. Evaluation will be by two examinations, one in the mid term, and one at the end.

Outline of class sessions

Apr 30: Session 1. Overview of gene expression; operation of the genetic code; how mutations affect reading the genetic code

May 04: Session 2. Transfer RNA and aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases

May 07: Session 3. Ribosomes and the mechanism of protein synthesis

May 11: Session 4. Introduction to bacteria, phage, and bacterial genetics

May 14: Session 5. Selected classic historical experiments on the establishment and function of the

genetic code

May 18: Session 6. Nonsense suppression, incorporation of non-natural amino acids, and fidelity of

translation in bacteria

May 21: Session 7. Review and Problem-Solving 1

May 28: Examination 1 (2:00 - 5:00 PM)

Jun 01: Session 8. Prokaryotic transcription 1: Operons; Epigenetic regulation; Plasmid maintenance ("addiction") systems; T7 expression systems

Jun 04: Session 9. Prokaryotic transcription 2: Regulons; Attenuation of transcription

Jun 08: Session 10. Eukaryotic transcription

Jun 11: Session 11. Eukaryotic post-transcriptional and translational control

Jun 15: Session 12. Translational regulation by RNA and Proteins

Jun 18: Session 13. Gene regulation in selected bacterial and viral pathogens

Jun 22: Session 14. Review and Problem-Solving 2

Jun 29: Examination 2 (2:00-5:00 PM) (Note: students with an exam conflict may take exam 2 on 6/25)