Graduate Courses

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Cell Death Dr. Raymond Birge
Fundamentals A Drs. Melissa Rogers, Michael Lea
Seminar in Biomedical Sciences Dr. Raymond Birge
Gene Expression Dr. Emanuel Goldman
Medical Nutrition and Disease Drs. John Bogden, Sylvia Christakos
Medical Biochemistry and Genetics Drs. Carolyn Suzuki, Krista Blackwell
Infectious Disease Dr. Ian Whitehead
Microbes and Infectious Disease Drs. Ian Whitehead, M. Zafri Humayun
Human Genetics and Genomics Dr. David Kaback
Intro to Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics Dr. Seema Husain
Molecular Virology Drs. Hua Zhu, David Lukac, Ian Whitehead
Lab Rotations in I3 Dr. David Lukac
Lab Rotations in MBGC Dr. Carol Lutz
Dental Biochemistry Drs. Michael Lea, Virendra Pandey
Responsible Conduct of Research Dr. Carol Lutz
Independent Study in Biomedical Sciences Dr. Carol Lutz
Antigenic Variation and Drug Resistence in Infectious Diseases Dr. Katsunori Sugimoto
Critical Readings in Parasitology Dr. Purnima Bhanot
Critical Readings in Bacterial Pathogenesis Dr. Nikhat Parveen
Critical Readings of the Literature Drs. Aimee Beaulieu, Carol Lutz
Advances in Nucleic Acids Research Dr. Katsunori Sugimoto
Classic & 21st Century Pathogens Dr. David Lukac

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