21st Century Pathogens - Course Information

21ST CENTURY PATHOGENS (MICR 5620) Fall Semester

Coordinator: David Lukac, Ph.D. ( lukacdm@njms.rutgers.edu, 973-972-4483, ext. 2-0907)

Lecture time: 2:00-3:30 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Unless otherwise noted)

Lecture room: ICPH - E220R (floor 2; left turn out of elevator, left at end of hall, then right at end of hall)

Credits: 3


The course will be divided into five sub-sections; each pathogen-specific section will also have one readings meeting in which students, as teams, will present current articles chosen by the faculty in charge of that session.


To understand the pathogenicity of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi that infect humans, and the host response to these infections, with a focus on the major experimental systems used for each.

  • To understand how bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi infect humans.
  • To understand the mechanisms of host defense and host response to the classes of pathogens listed above.
  • To understand in detail the major experimental evidence underlying our knowledge of infection and host response.


Will be based on:


I. Exam I 15%
II. Exams II, III, IV (20% each) 60%
III. a written research proposal 20%
IV. participation in readings/critiques of current literature 5%