Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Graduate Medical Education Committee
Policies and Procedure Manual


Section One – Selection/Promotion/Evaluation/Dismissal Process

001-001 Selection of Housestaff
001-002 Promotion of Housestaff
001-003 Performance Evaluation
001-004 Academic Appeals Process
001-005 Termination of Employment

Section Two – Benefits & Amenities

002-001 Compensation
002-002 Benefits
002-003 Forum for Resident Feedback

Section Three – Clinical Learning Environment

003-001 Moonlighting/Outside Employment
003-002 Clinical and Educational Work Hours Schedules
003-003 Clinical Experience and Education
003-004 Maggie’s Law
003-005 Working Environment
003-006 Resident Well-Being
003-007 Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Section Four – Time Off

004-001 General Information
004-002 Vacation Time
004-003 Sick Time
004-004 Family Leave
004-005 Medical Leave
004-006 Bereavement Leave
004-007 Leave to Take Licensing Examination
004-008 Holiday Time

Section Five – Responsibilities & Supervision

005-001 General Housestaff Responsibilities
005-002 Housestaff Involvement in Medical School and Hospital Affairs
005-003 Medical Records
005-004 Supervision of Housestaff

Section Six – Grievance Procedure

006-001 Resolution of Non-Academic Issues
006-002 Resident Non-Renewal/Non-Promotion Hearing

Section Seven – Creation of New Positions and Closure of Position

007-001 Increases to Program Complement
007-002 Institution and/or Program Closure or Reductions

Section Eight – Human Resources and Administration

008-001 Employee Assistance Program
008-002 Physician Impairment/Substance Abuse
008-003 Housestaff Immunizations
008-004 Residents with Disabilities
008-005 Appropriate treatment of Housestaff
008-006 Dress Code
008-007 Respirator Fit Testing
008-008 Social Media

Section Nine – Faculty and Institutional Responsibilities

009-001 Program Letters of Agreement
009-002 Graduate Medical Education Committee
009-003 Internal Review of GME Programs (Special Program Review)
009-004 Residents Rotating From External GME Programs
009-005 Residents Rotating To External GME Programs
009-006 University Hospital Interactions with GME
009-007 Housestaff Assignment in the Event of a Disaster
009-008 Annual Program Evaluation
009-009 Annual Institutional Review

Section Ten – Patient Care Services

010-001 Autopsy Responsibilities
010-002 Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation (Advanced Life Support) Program and Pediatric Life Support Training
010-003 Transitions of Care/Handsoffs

Section Eleven – Institutional Policies Relative to GME

011-001 Intellectual Property Copyrights & Royalties
011-002 Patient Confidentiality & Health Information
011-003 Rights & Responsibilities for the Use of the University Accessed Electronic Information System
011-004 Educational Use of Copyrighted Works
011-005 Management of Potential Occupational/Educational Exposure to HIV, HBV and HCV
011-006 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Other Representatives Policy

Section Twelve – Restrictive Covenants

012-001 Restrictive Covenants

Section Thirteen – Resident Participation in Educational & Professional Activities

013-001 General Competencies
013-002 Housestaff Performance Enhancement Program
013-003 Housestaff Travel for Presentations at Professional Conferences