Resident Wellness

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Resident Wellness and Resident Life

Welcome to the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) Graduate Medical Education resident wellness portal! Residency is a difficult process, and these years may be some of the most trying years in one’s medical career.  Residents are faced with a steep learning curve, difficult decisions, and long hours.  Finding the balance between education and patient care responsibilities, along with building one’s personal and family life, can be a great challenge.  A recent ACGME survey found that a majority of residents classified themselves as “healthy,” but when broken down by individual lifestyle factors (including sleep, energy levels, and depression), residents scored lower than their non-resident peers.  This discrepancy underscores the significance of promoting wellness during residency.  At Rutgers NJMS, we aim to foster a culture of wellness among all of our 600+ residents.  Through this website, we hope to provide you with resources to keep you mentally and physically fit, satiated and well-rounded in the busy world of medicine!