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Resident Wellness

NJMS Student-Led Activities

We have a vibrant community of students here at NJMS that are active in sports, community outreach, lifestyle interests, artistic endeavors, ethnic groups, and wellness activities.  Our students welcome the opportunity to work alongside residents!  

Activities are grouped in 3 categories – cultural, athletic, and community oriented.   For a comprehensive list of NJMS student activities, please visit the NJMS student website page at http://njms.rutgers.edu/education/student_affairs/student_life/student_organizations.cfm
Feel free to contact the student representatives listed below if you are interested in joining or hearing more about any of these worthy activities!  All of these groups have specifically expressed interest in having NJMS residents join their groups!



Community Oriented

  • NJMS Green Club – Organization devoted to combatting food insecurity in Newark by growing fruits and vegetables in community gardens (James Huynh, huynh2@njms.rutgers.edu)
  • Recover – Joint effort of the Global Health Initiative and International Surgical Health Initiative to collect, sort, and send unused medical supplies to the international community (Asmi Panigrahi, asmi.panigahi94@gmail.com)
  • NJMS: House Call – New organization focused on home visits in Newark housing projects to improve patient access to care and reduce healthcare disparities (Anthony Longo, longoaj@njms.rutgers.edu)
  • Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group – Organization interested in promoting evidence-based practice to help individuals and families adopt and sustain healthy behaviors that affect health and quality of life.  The group features a lecture series, community health fairs, and community research (Saul Bautista, sbautist@njms.rutgers.edu)

Student Groups That Welcome Resident Involvement

      1. American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (aapi@njms.rutgers.edu)
      2. Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (njmslifestylemed@njms.rutgers.edu)
      3. Orthopaedics Interest Group (OIG) (njmsoig@njms.rutgers.edu)
      4. Urology Interest Group (urologyig@njms.rutgers.edu)
      5. Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group (drig@njms.rutgers.edu)
      6. AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons) (aans@njms.rutgers.edu)
      7. SIGN (Student Interest Group in Neurology) (sign@njms.rutgers.edu)
      8. Association of Women Surgeons (aws@njms.rutgers.edu)
      9. NJMS Jewish Society (jewishsociety@njms.rutgers.edu)
      10. PCCM IG (Pulmonary and Critical Care Interest Group) (pccmig@njms.rutgers.edu)
      11. Interventional Radiology Interest Group (irig@njms.rutgers.edu)
      12. Student National Medical Association (snma@njms.rutgers.edu)
      13. NJMS Chapter of APSEA (American Preventive Screening and Education Association) (apsea@njms.rutgers.edu)
      14. PsychSIGN @ NJMS (psychsign@njms.rutgers.edu)
      15. NJMS Muslim Students Association (muslimstudentsassociation@njms.rutgers.edu)
      16. Ben Rush Surgical Society (benrushsurgicalsocietynjms@njms.rutgers.edu)
      17. Sight Savers Student Program (sightsavers@njms.rutgers.edu)
      18. ClubMed (clubmed@njms.rutgers.edu)
      19. Dermatology Interest Group (dermig@njms.rutgers.edu)