The NJMS Student Council

The NJMS Student Council is the governing body responsible for managing Student Organizations and their funds, setting policies for groups, and representing the student body wherever possible. This broad mandate gives both the power and responsibility to self-govern and improve our school from within. All monthly Council meetings are open to interested students and all voices are welcomed. Below are the documents that comprise the body of law that form , as well as a listing of current representatives, positions, and contact information.

  • Bylaws
    • Living document can be found here (requires NJMS login)
    • A recent snapshot can also be found here.
  • Organization Code: a supplemental compendium of policies and procedures for Student Organizations governed by the Student Council.
    • Living document can be found here (requires NJMS login)
    • A recent snapshot can also be found here.
  • The Golden Apple Guidelines: this document describes the rules surrounding the prestigious Golden Apple prizes given to exceptional educators and staff by the student body.
    • Living document can be found here (requires NJMS login)
    • A recent snapshot can also be found here.

Student Council Executive Board and Representatives

Contact Information

General Inquiries:
NJMS WearHouse:
Class of 2021:
Class of 2022:
Class of 2023:
Class of 2024:
Class of 2025:

Executive Board

President: Jason Oettinger

Vice President:Catherine Ye


Co-Treasurer: Patrick Hu

Co-Treasurer: Robert Wayne Jr.

Secretary: Joyce Tumfour

Senate Representative: Amanda Azer

Event Coordinator: Priya Mansukhani


Event Coordinator: Ruhani Mumick

Event Coordinator: Manali Shah


Webmaster: Yechaan (Eric) Joo



Class of 2022

Chaden Noureddine


Mahir Sufian

Class of 2023

Oyin Adedipe

Vaishali Ravikumar


Programming Chairs (Class of 2024)

Hunt Griffith

Teren Yedikian

Fundraising Chairs (Class of 2024)

Steve El Eshaky

Devanshi Patel


Class of 2025

Ashley Castan

Hassaam Choudhry

Shravya Jasti

Navya Pendyala

Timothy Pistell

Anam Shaikh




Student Representatives for School Committees
Class Email
Admissions Committee
Jalize Canela 2022
Patrick Hu 2023
Alumni Affairs Committee
Kunj Jain 2022
Priyal Parikh 2022
Catherine Ye 2022
Anugya Mittal 2023
Emefa Ocansey 2023
Benjamin Zhou 2023
Athletic Director
Matthew Davis 2021
Isabelle Nemeh 2022
Christopher Hogge 2023
Lena Kheir 2023
Clinical Curriculum Committee (CCC) /
Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Committee (PCC)
Salma Ahsanuddin 2022
Sejal Shah 2023
Cynthia Smith 2023
Committee on Academic Programs & Policies (CAP2)
Ariel Omiunu 2021
Irene Martinez 2022
Shree Nadkarni 2023
Committee on Student Affairs
Arun Madari 2021
Andria Sharma 2022
Michael Levidy 2023
Claire Park 2023
Faculty Council
Aradhika Sarda 2022
Siri Uppuluri 2023
Financial Aid Liaisons
Madhurima Gundlapally 2022
Information Technology (IT)
Ryan Dikdan 2021
Jason Oettinger 2022
Ibraheem Shaikh 2022
Shivani Gupta 2023
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Julia Burns 2022
Carter Campbell 2023
Alexandra Jackovich 2023
Geoffrey Matthes 2023
Library Committee
Chaden Noureddine 2022
Organization of Student Representatives (OSR)
Julia Carter 2022
Title IX Committee
Usha Trivedi 2022
Muhammed Ors 2023