CALM Exam Reviews & Academic Coaching – Focus on Academics

First Year students will appreciate a powerful resource in the CALM Program, the Collaborative Approach to Learning Medicine.  Before major course exams, CALM offers review sessions taught by second year students who were especially proficient in the course during the prior year.  These CALM Academic Reviewers also provide occasional podcasts to facilitate student learning of particularly difficult topics.  From a different angle, CALM Academic Coaches offer individual or small group study sessions to first year students who want guidance on developing better methods of study or who are working through particularly challenging course material. Meeting with a CALM coach can help address questions about how to study, especially when the student is also working with one of the faculty of the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment.

ENGAGE Wellness Mentors – Focus on Transition to Med School and Wellness

ENGAGE (Embracing New Goals to Adapt, Grow and Evolve) mentors are second year students who are paired with incoming medical students, beginning at Orientation and throughout first year. The ENGAGE mentors help the first years find their footing in medical school, helping them to network with the help of upper class students to find various school resources and to adapt more easily to medical school life.  Through ENGAGE program activities, these second-year mentors actively encourage each first year student to establish good life/work balance and optimal personal growth for first year and beyond.