Current Students

Fundamentals of Pharmacology  – PHPY N5021 

This course provides information on the principles of pharmacology using scientific and evidenced-based approaches. The fundamental concepts of dose-response relationships, pharmacokinetic models, drug-receptor interaction, absorption, distribution, biotransformation and elimination are covered and will provide the students with the necessary background for understanding how drugs affect living tissues. In addition, the course covers four classes of drugs: drugs acting on G-protein coupled receptors, drugs acting on ion channels, and biologic drugs.  Moreover, drug design, discovery and approval processes will be discussed. The course will enable students to critically evaluate new developments in the field and understand the variability of drug responses seen in individuals. The course focuses upon the principles of pharmacology and not on specific pharmacotherapeutics, although several drugs are used to illustrate general principles. The structure of the course is lecture-based. Click here for fall 2023 syllabus.

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