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Course NAME Course NUMBER
Advanced Concepts in I3 TIII 5022Q
Advanced Stem Cell Seminar MSBS 520AQ
Advances in Nucleic Acids: DNA MBGC 5070Q
Advances in Nucleic Acids: RNA MBGC 5071Q
Antigenic Variation and Drug Resistance in Infectious Diseases TIII 50552 002
Bacteriology and Oral Infectious Diseases DENT 5225
Basic Histology CBMM N5001
Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience CBNP 5032Q
Biology of Vascular Disease CBNP 5034Q
Biomedical Training Internship MSBS599AQ
Cancer Biology: Extrinsic Factors in Cancer Progression  MBGC 5015Q
Cancer Biology: Intrinsic  Cell Signaling and Cancer Development MBGC 5020Q
Cancer Stem Cells MSBS N512Q
Cell Death MBGC 5075Q
Cellular & Developmental Neuroscience CBNP 5150Q
Cellular Pathology PATH 5100Q
Chemical Properties and Structures of Dental Materials DENT 5025Q
Classic & 21st Century Pathogens TIII 5620Q
Clinical Implications of Human Poisoning GSND 5120Q
Clinical Neuroimmunology CBNP 5030Q
Critical Readings The Genomic Landscape of the Immune System TIII 5055Q
Communicating Science  6718 5600S  
Communicating Science & Medicine GSND 5330Q 
Coronavirus Molecular Biology and Medicine GSND 5335Q
Critical Readings in CBNP CBNP 5155Q
Critical Readings in I3 B TIII 5156Q  
Critical Readings in Parasitology TIII 555DQ
Critical Readings in Virology TIII 555CQ
Critical Readings of Literature BIOC 5290Q
Demyelinating Diseases NEUR 5240Q
Dental Biochemistry (RSDM) DENT 5085Q
Developmental Biology & Stem Cells CBMM 5020
DNA Repair in Health and Disease PATH 5130Q
Endocrinology of Growth and Metabolism CBNP 5255Q
Foundations of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology BIOC 5007Q
Foundations of Integrative Human Physiology CBNP 5165Q
Fundamentals of Biomedical Science Part B: Cellular Biology GSND N500B 
Fundamentals of Biomedical Sciences A: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology GSND N500A
Fundamentals of Data Science GSND 5345Q
Fundamentals of Dental Material Science DENT 5025Q
Fundamentals of Human Physiology PHPY 5005Q
Fundamentals of Neuroscience  NEUR 5200Q
Fundamentals of Pharmacology  PHPY N5021
Gastrointestinal Physiology & Nutrition PHPY 5280
Gene Expression  GSND 5113Q
General Pathology PATH 5010Q
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology and Dysfunction  MSBS N5134
High Throughput Biomedical Data Analysis (BMDA) GSND 5340Q
Human Genetics and Genomics  MSBS 5126Q
Immunology A  PATH 511AQ
Immunology B  PATH 511BQ
Introduction to Bio-Medical Ethics GSND 5325Q
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences  GSND 5200
Introduction to Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics  MBGC 5002Q
Introduction to Neurochemistry & Neuropharmacology CBNP 5250Q
Introduction to Structural Biology  DENT 5154Q
Masters Research Rotation (MSBS 593A Research in Biomedical Sciences)  MSBS 593A
Master's Thesis MSBS 5000Q
Medical Nutrition & Disease MSBS 5150Q
Methods in Microscopic Imaging Course DENT 5220Q-001
Microbes and Infectious Disease MICR N5233
Molecular and Cellular Immunology  PATH 5210Q
Molecular Basis of Synaptic Disorders CBNP 5260Q
Molecular Biology of the News  BIOC 5240
Molecular Genetics of Model Organisms MBGC 5055Q
Molecular Mechanisms of Disease  CBNP 5068Q
Molecular Medicine of the Heart  CBMM 5350Q
Molecular Oncology BIOC 5100Q
Molecular Pathogenesis TIII 5021Q
Molecular Physiology of Cell Communication CBNP 5036Q
Molecular Virology  MICR 5231Q
Neurobiology of Disease  NEUR N5040
Neurobiology of Learning & Memory  NEUR 5170Q
Neuroendocrinology: Regulation of Physiological Processes PHPY 5085Q
Oral Immunology DENT 5310Q
Oral Microbiology  DENT 5300Q
Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Marketing GSND 53020Q
Practical Approaches to Studying Protein Function CBMM5002Q
Principles and Methods of Epidemiology MSBS N5030
Principles of Clinical & Translational Research in Oncology GSND 5235Q
Principles of Pharmacology  PHPY 5020
Principles of Toxicology  PHPY N5225
Principles of Toxicology II PHPY N526Q
Professional Skills 1 – Presentations and Productivity GSND 0596Q
Professional Skills II - Grantsmanship Skills GSND 5006Q
Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease MBGC 5030Q
QA/QI Research Clinical Settings GSND 5008Q
Regenerative Medicine CBNP 5037Q
Regional Gross Anatomy: Head & Neck CBMM N594C
Research Design & Statistics GSND 5135Q
Research in Biomedical Sciences (Masters Research Rotation) MSBS 593A
Responsible Conduct of Research GSND 5001Q
Seminar in Biomedical Sciences MSBS 591A
Stem Cell Biology & Applications in Molecular Medicine MSBS 5130Q
Student Family Health Care Center non-credit elective  GSBS 0001Q
Systems Neuroscience  CBNP 5033Q
Teacher Training Internship  MSBS 5125Q
The Business of Science: Drug Development - From Molecules to Medicine PATH N5209
The Host Response to Injury MSBS 5015Q
Topics in Neuroimmunology CBNP 5140Q
Topics in Pharmacology PHPY N5030
Viruses, Cells and Disease  BIOC 5125Q










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