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Dual Degree, Full-time Program with
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and School of Graduate Studies - Newark Health Science Campus (SGS-N)

The MS/MBA is offered jointly by the Rutgers School of Graduate Studies - Newark Health Science Campus (SGS-N) and Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick. The program is designed for students interested in management careers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or related industries. It covers science and business concepts necessary for managers within the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry, and the knowledge gained from this program allows graduates to communicate effectively throughout their organization. The dual degree program can be completed in 2 1/2 years as opposed to 4 years for separate programs.

Target Student Population

The program is directed toward individuals with a science background and an interest in a management position. This may include people in the following positions, if they have an interest in a management career at a biotechnical or pharmaceutical company:
Lab technicians
Medical technicians
Scientists who do not have a strong background in molecular biology
Undergraduates who are about to complete their baccalaureate degree in biology or biochemistry

Current entry-level managers may have limited experience in the biological sciences or may have MPH or medical degrees. The program addresses the need on a more fundamental level, training students in both management and biomedical principles. Positions that would find such a dual degree of benefit include:

Department or Group Manager at biotechnical/pharmaceutical company
Director of Operations, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Field Manager or Sales Representative at biotechnical/pharmaceutical company
Director of Materials Management at biotechnical/pharmaceutical company or at an Integrated Healthcare Network

Manager in a Public Policy Department at a state or federal government agency

Program Description

Individually the MBA degree program requires a minimum of 60 credits and the MS degree program requires 30 credits. Because some courses are acceptable to each program, completion of the dual-degree program requires a minimum of 68 credits.

The MBA portion requires the 19 credit core curriculum, 6 credits of foundation courses and 23 elective credits from Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick. Twelve credits in biomedical sciences from GSBS are accepted as the MBA area of concentration.

The MS portion requires 20 credits in the biomedical sciences. The ten remaining credits (with grades of ‘B’ or higher) for the MS portion are transferred in from the MBA portion. Three credits of the Integrative Capstone course, three credits of an upper level statistics course and two credits of Strategic Management are required from the MBA program. The Capstone project report will serve as the MS thesis requirement. Two additional credits will be drawn from one of the following Core courses (with a grade of ‘B’ or higher): Marketing for Decision Making, Managerial Economic Analysis or Operations Analysis.

The core and foundation MBA curriculum is completed full-time during the first year, with the exception of the Integrative Capstone Course requirement. The latter will occur during the second year, following initial exposure to the biomedical curriculum. The remaining MBA elective courses and the MS biomedical science courses can be completed during the second and third years. The specific MS courses depend upon the interests and background of the student. However, most students will take Fundamentals part I and seminar in Biomedical Science in the first semester. The program is offered on a full-time basis and can be completed in as little as 30 months.

Students in the dual degree program will spend the majority of the first year in the MBA component of the program and pay full-time tuition to Rutgers Business School. During the second year, students complete the MS portion of their program and tuition is collected by GSBS. Student fees in the first year will be paid to Rutgers Business School. Student fees during the second year will be paid to GSBS except that students who plan to use career services at Rutgers Business School will pay the career services fee to Rutgers Business School.

MS/MBA Students: Program Core Requirements (SGS-Newark: 20 credits) Suggested courses

First Year at SGS

Fundamentals in Biomedical Science I (3 credits)*
Seminar in Biomedical Science (1 credit)
Remaining credits taken at Rutgers



Fundamentals in Biomedical Sciences II (3 credits)*
Research in Biomedical Science (lab rotation, 2 credits)
Pharmacology and Drug Marketing (2 credits)
Recommended elective courses (see Course Information)



Second Year at SGS
The Business of Science: Drug Development (3 credits)
Fundamentals of Pharmacology (3 credits)
Principles of Clinical & Translational Research in Oncology (3 credits)
Recommended elective courses (see Course Information))
* Parts I and II of a required 'Fundamentals' sequence: Fundamentals I (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Fundamentals II (Cell Biology). Fundamentals of Human Physiology can be substituted for Fundamentals I or II.
See the Rutgers Business School site for courses: Graduate Programs - Newark and New Brunswick


Admission to the Program

Applicants can apply to the dual degree program through either institution. Each school determines the applicability of the application to its program and then forwards the application to the other institution. Both programs must agree for the applicant to be accepted into the dual degree program, but either institution may accept the student into its own program if dual acceptance is declined. A single application fee to either program is acceptable.

Admission into the dual MS/MBA program requires a score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) that falls among the top third of the grades and a superior undergraduate grade point average (GPA). Management experience is encouraged. Strong performance in one area can offset weak performance in another. The GSBS requires that applicants have a basic background in biology and chemistry.

Applications and course catalogues are available on-line. 
For further information about the MS portion of the degree contact Dr. Lutz, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies,
For further information about the MBA portion of the degree contact Stephan Kolodiy contact information below.



MS/MBA Application


For further information contact:

Leslie Lucy
Program Coordinator
Tel. (973) 972-4511


Stephan Kolodiy
Admissions Officer
Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick
1 Washington Park, 1st Floor, Room 124
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 353-1234 (p) (973) 353-1592 (f)

Additional Program Information:
Graduate Programs - Newark and New Brunswick


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