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MBS/MPH Program Description 

Program Description
Individually, the Master of Public Health degree program requires 45 credits and the Master of Biomedical Sciences degree program requires 30 credits. With approximately a 20% overlap of courses acceptable to each program, completion of the dual-degree program will require a minimum of 57 credits.

To complete this proposed combined degree, the Master of Public Health portion will require completion of 15 credits of a public health core curriculum and 15 credits of specialization in Quantitative Methods. This program will accept 9 elective credits in biomedical sciences from GSBS, which have direct relevance to public health. The Master of Biomedical Sciences part of the program will require 21 credits in the biomedical sciences, composed of two 3-credit mandatory "Fundamentals" courses Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Cellular Biology; 1 credit of seminar and 2 credits of laboratory rotation; and 12 credits of elective courses in biomedical sciences, at least one of which has direct public health relevance; and the program will accept 9 credits of coursework from the SPH. An interdisciplinary research/practice fieldwork project of 6 credits will be required of all students in the program. A table is attached that displays the course requirements for the dual degrees.

The program will be offered to students who are enrolled either full-time or part-time. All courses included in this proposed program will be taken from courses currently offered by GSBS and SPH. In general, required courses will be completed in the first two semesters and the remaining coursework will be taken during the subsequent semesters. The anticipated length of the program is five semesters of fulltime study.

The SPH offers core and QM courses in the evening during the spring, fall and summer semesters. Students who are available to take courses during the summer are encouraged to do so if they wish to speed the completion of the program. Those who wish to begin taking SPH courses after acceptance into the dual degree program, but before matriculation in August, may take SPH course by contacting the Newark Campus SPH office and completing a "quick" admit application form.

The specific courses of specialization at GSBS will depend upon individual student's interests and background. For the Master of Public Health degree program, students will major in Quantitative Methods, emphasizing Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Injury or Infectious Diseases. Other majors leading to the Master of Public Health degree may also be considered.

For an application or further information contact:

Mayra Marallano
Admissions Coordinator
30 Bergen Street
ADMC Complex, suite 110
Newark, New Jersey 07107
Tel. (973) 972-4511
Fax. (973) 972-7148



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