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Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Medicine

Through its medical and graduate programs, the department offers training and research opportunities that prepare medical, dental, and graduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows, for careers in medicine and biomedical research. Departmental research focuses on the physiological, developmental, cellular, molecular, and environmental factors responsible for the initiation and progression of human disease. Faculty research interests include regulation of gene expression, DNA repair, mitochondrial stability, cell cycle control, and signal transduction pathways in normal and diseased tissue, with particular emphasis on cardiovascular control, cardiovascular disease, cancer, angiogenesis, and the application of stem cells for regenerative medicine. Approaches include animal models of cardiac disease, cutting-edge technologies in cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, genomics, and proteomics, and advanced histological and cell / tissue culture methods. The department has access to exceptional laboratory and animal facilities, equipment, and computational services, as well as to shared, state-of-the-art, core research facilities providing transgenic, molecular, genomic, proteomic, microscopic, flow cytometry, and biostatistics/bioinformatics support. Potential applicants are encouraged to use this web site to learn more about our research and training opportunities.