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The Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine has a significant role in medical and dental education. The teaching faculty of the departmental are responsible for major courses taken by first year students in the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

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Anatomy, Cell Biology, and Embryology

Dr. DeFouw


Gross Anatomy & Embryology

Dr. DeFouw


Anatomy, Cell Biology, and Embryology is an anatomical study of the human body via cadaver dissection and virtual microscopy of human tissues and organs. Student mastery of developmental and anatomical concepts is enabled by team-based learning (TBL) whereby small groups of students work together to assemble facts into conceptual understanding of clinically relevant gross and microscopic anatomy.

Gross Anatomy and Embryology is a human cadaver-based anatomical study with an emphasis on the maxillofacial region and those parts of the nervous system, thorax, and abdomen that are clinically important for general dentistry. The TBL strategy enables practical application of embryological and anatomical concepts to clinical problems associated with the regional emphases of the course.

Academic Research conducted by the teaching faculty is concentrated on the application of TBL strategies to curricula of the health sciences and structural anomalies discovered during cadaver dissections. Results of the investigative studies are published in journals and monographs focused on education in the health sciences and in anatomical journals.

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Dr. David O. DeFouw
Vice Chair for Education