Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School provides a comprehensive benefit package.


PGY-2 - $64,326
PGY-3 - $68,264
PGY-4 - $72,250
PGY-5 - $74,168
(chief residents get an annual supplement of $2,700)


All residents have access to health insurance, a prescription drug program, dental care program, temporary disability insurance, and life insurance.  Professional liability insurance covers all activities that are part of the residency program.

An annual book allowance of $600 per year is provided to each resident.

All residents who present at a conference will be entitled to reimbursement for travel, registration, lodging, and food.

Senior residents and fellows are sent to the Kessler Annual Board Review Course free of charge. 

Time off policy:

All residents get 4 weeks of paid vacation, and 8 holidays.

All residents get an additional four personal days.

All residents are eligible to take family leave for illness in their family (up to 12 weeks off unpaid) and maternity/medical leave (up to 12 weeks off unpaid).

Residents may take three days paid leave to take the USMLE Step 3.

All residents may take up to 12 days of paid sick leave per year.

All residents get 3 days for bereavement

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