Current Students



Rijul Asri

  • Project titles:
    • Suicidal ideation and ingestion across cultures
    • Global health as a dimension of a health equities curriculum
    • Clinical practices of U.S. humanitarian surgical NGOs


Class of 2023


Edwige Dossour-Kitti

  • Project title: The Use of Telesimulation: Validating Remote Platform for Practical Stop The Bleed Training


Lauren Hutnik

  • Project title: Identifying and mitigating barriers to the implementation of outcome measures and sucess rates in global surgery missions


Matthew Linz

  • Project title: Post-operative acute pain management in low-and-middle-income countries

Avni Mittal

  • Project title: Barriers and Facilitators to Cervical Cancer Screening Access in Belize: A Qualitative Analysis of Stakeholder Perspectives 

Class of 2024

Neel Gadhoke

Project Title: Effect of Menstrual Health Management on School Attendance among Secondary School Girls in India

Mentor: Dr. Novneet Sahu

Key Details:

  • Many young women in rural communities across the world struggle with their understanding of menstruation, a problem which often contributes to them being left behind their male counterparts in terms of education, health, and independence.
  • Our project aims to study the effect of menstrual health education and provision of sanitary pads on school attendance in young woman living in rural communities in India

Irtaza Khan

Project Title: Determining Risk Factors for Dengue Hemorrhagic Shock in Lahore Pakistan

Mentor: Dr. Michelle Dalla Piazza

Project Details:

  • Pakistan has seen recurrent epidemics of Dengue fever that are becoming more severe in their clinical manifestations.
  • Warmer climate, frequent natural disasters, vector resistance to insecticides and limited resources have all contributed to the expansion of dengue in Pakistan.
  • Working with the Dengue Expert Advisory Group (DEAG) to identify the characteristics and risk factors associated with Hemorrhagic Shock in Dengue patients.

Mahinaz Mohsen

Project Title: Investigating adherence and barriers to colorectal cancer screening among Arab immigrants in NJ

Mentor: Dr. SM Golam Kibrea
Project Details:

    • This is a QA/QI project investigating adherence to colorectal cancer (CRC) screening in Arab immigrants compared to the rest of the population in NJ
    • The goal is to identify key barriers to CRC screening adherence and to implement an intervention in a primary care private practice office to improve adherence by patients

Priyanshi Jain

  • Project title: Simulation training in midwives in India

Jai Shahani

Project Title: Literature Review of Four Pertinent Global Poisonings

Mentor: Dr. Lewis Nelson

Key Details:

  • focuses on characterizing the global burden of four poisons of interest: snakebites, organophosphates, caustic chemicals, and tetanus
  • the review provides an overview of studies that investigated prevalence, mortality, and morbidity of these common poisonings, and identifies where disease burden may disproportionately affect certain regions and countries, in particular the developing world

Priyanka Singh

Project Title: Study Characteristics Associated with the Inclusion of Minors in Key Population Research involving Female Sex Workers and Men who have Sex with Men in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mentor: Dr. Ashley Grosso, PhD

Key Details:

  • Adolescent female sex workers and men who have sex with men in sub-Saharan Africa are at high risk of adverse health outcomes including HIV. These youth, however, are often excluded from studies conducted with key populations due to legal and ethical challenges.
  • This exclusion from research impedes the development of interventions tailored for underage key populations.
  • The objective of my project is to identify trends and patterns involving the inclusion and exclusion of minors from key population studies in sub-Saharan Africa that involve female sex workers and men who have sex with men in order to inform strategies for overcoming these barriers to implement such research where it is feasible and warranted.

Class of 2025

  • Preliminary acceptances have been given to students, but final decisions are based on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and accomplishments over summer 2022