Office of Global Health

COVID-19 update: The current COVID pandemic has highlighted our global interconnectedness and the role of social determinants of health in all aspects of healthcare. While we continue to see the impact on global security, food security, poverty and access to healthcare, we hope that everyone remains safe and takes the proper precautions. The following are areas directly affecting us:

  • During the COVID Pandemic Rutgers is restricting all official or authorized travel of students, faculty, and staff, until further notice. Toward that end, the flowing activities have been suspended
    • All Rutgers operated Study Abroad programs worldwide through the end of the current semester
    • All Rutgers faculty and staff sponsored international travel
    • This includes travel for university business including, but not limited to, teaching, study abroad, conferences, presentations, internships, research, recruiting, and athletic competitions.
  • Rutgers continues to closely monitor CDC guidance updates and will alert affected groups and the campus community as necessary
  • Rutgers NJMS and its clinical affiliates are at the forefront of efforts to manage this pandemic
  • Please refer to for specific information


The Rutgers New Jersey Medical School's Office of Global Health (OGH) exists to support and promote the global health efforts of faculty, staff and learners in the areas of education, research and service.

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The strategic plannig process of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) identified Global Health as an area of emphasis for the institution. To promote this strong vision regarding global health and unify efforts the Rutgers Global Health Insitiute was created in 2016 under the leadership of the Henry Rutgers Chair of Global Health (Dr. Ric Marlink). To support this university-wide initiative, Rutgers NJMS created the Office of Global Health in December 2016 with the goal to formalize and enhance global health efforts via the following steps::

  1. Document, collate and consolidate existing global health activities
  2. Provide support to faculty, learners and staff interested in global health
  3. Educate the Rutgers NJMS community regarding global health issues
  4. Provide a means to coordinate global health activities within Rutgers NJMS, and with the Rutgers Global Health Institute, RBHS and Rutgers as a whole

The Rutgers NJMS - Office of Global Health (OGH) is a "virtual" office that resides within the NJMS Office for Diversity and Community Engagement (ODACE). OGH is currently led by Ziad Sifri, MD (Director), Harsh Sule, MD, MPP (Associate Director) and Marquiah Geiger (Administrative Coordinator).