Funding Opportunities: Faculty & Staff


Rutgers - Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs

Rutgers' in-house center that offers support and information for all things international


NIH Fogarty International Center

This site offers a variety of funding opportunities for individuals at different levels

American Medical Student Association

Offers ideas for creative funding and lists some helpful funding directories.

University of Washington's International Health Group Sources of Funding

This is a comprehensive directory of funding sources for international health experiences.

University of Arizona Family and Community Medicine

Has a funding sources section that lists available scholarships for international work.

International Healthcare Opportunities Clearinghouse – UmassMemorialMedCenter

A comprehensive database of international health opportunities.

National Medical Specialty Societies

This is a comprehensive list of national medical specialty societies (with their web sites). Many societies offer funding for students doing work in their field. For instance, the American Academy of Pediatrics has two - four $500 scholarships each year for pediatric students and residents doing electives abroad.




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