How to Apply

Application timeline/deadlines (2022-23):

  • February 24th: preliminary meeting with Dr. Sifri or Sule (not required)
  • February 28th: draft proposal to Drs. Sifri/Sule
  • March 10th: final proposal
  • March: Interviews/Acceptances

Application Process for the Distinction Programs in Global Health:
The proposal for application to the program must include the following elements (limit to 3 pages)

  1. Personal and professional information/motivation for being part of the GHDP
  2. Brief background on the topic you wish to study/work on, including why you chose this topic
  3. Project proposal including broad academic/research questions and timeline
  4. List of potential faculty mentors (these do not need to be confirmed for the application)
  5. In view of the rigor of the Program, expectations for the Program will be clearly delineated during the interview process. 

Selection will be made on the basis of the faculty’s evaluation of the student’s motivation, stated goals and objectives and academic standing.

Slides from the information session

Video presentation of 2021 information session


*All travel related to the program remain subject to relevant travel restrictions
*Program does not provide funding directly