First Year Summer International Opportunities

We encourage students to participate in international opportunities during the summer between their first and second years of medical school. However, we also want students to be aware of the ethical considerations and perceptions associated with medical tourism/volunteerism. Therefore, we ask that interested students meet with the Office of Global Health staff before planning out and committing to their summer plans. Staff can also guide students on potential projects with existing Rutgers involvement, as well as funding opportunities.

Students pursuing international opportunites over summare are encouraged to scheduled pre-departure meeting with OGH staff. Additionally, the online modules below should be completed prior to departure.

Finally, we encourage students to build an academic component into their summer plans and ask that they provide a brief write-up or poster of their experience so that it can be shared with other students.


Some of the programs previous NJMS students have taken a part in over the summer can be viewed at:


Pre-Departure Orientation


Highly Recommended: