Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Department of Radiology
Mini-fellowship Requirements for R4 Residents

Mini-fellowships for R4 residents are offered in the areas of Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Neuroradiology, Breast Imaging and Interventional Radiology.

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For all areas, the structure of the mini-fellowship will be tailored by the faculty adviser depending on the trainee’s future fellowship and career plans, current proficiency in the subspecialty and interests. In general, the aims of the mini-fellowships will be to:

  • Prepare the resident for fellowship or enhance the resident’s knowledge and experience in a subspecialty different from the one chosen for fellowship, increasing the resident’s versatility in imaging or procedural modalities.

  • Instruct the resident in the full spectrum of duties required of an attending radiologist in a particular subspecialty.

  • Provide the opportunity to pursue research or other scholarly projects under the guidance of faculty.

Below are the faculty advisers for each area:

Faculty Adviser


Inessa Goldman, MD

Body Imaging

Cornelia Wenokor, MD

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Esther Nimchinsky, MD, PhD


Magdalena Salvador, MD

Breast Imaging

Pratik Shukla, MD

Interventional Radiology


Program Requiremets

  • To qualify for completing a mini-fellowship an R4 resident must spend a total of 16 weeks of rotation time (see exception for breast imaging below) during the R4 year within the subspecialty. Each block of time during the R4 year within the subspecialty should be at least 8 weeks in duration. Any assigned CORE rotation time within the R4 year can count towards the mini-fellowship as long as it is incorporated within a consecutive 8-week block.
  • Since 12 weeks of rotation time in breast imaging is required for all residents, to qualify for completing a mini-fellowship in breast imaging, an R4 resident must spend an additional 12 weeks in breast imaging during the R4 year after completing the initial 12-week requirement. The initial 12-week requirement for breast imaging for all residents includes all rotation time from R1- R4 years.
  • ESIR residents are not eligible for the Interventional Radiology mini-fellowship as it would be redundant.

After completing the requirements, the resident will receive a certificate of completion issued by the department at graduation.

Pierre Maldjian, MD
Program Director, Department of Radiology