Practice Sites

University Hospital

150 Bergen St, Newark  NJ 07103

University Hospital

University Hospital (UH) is the primary training site for the NJMS Radiology Residency Program. There are 42 residency and fellowship programs at the UH which also serves as the primary training site for medical students from the New Jersey Medical School.  University Hospital is the busiest Level 1 Trauma Center in the State of New Jersey. It is also home to several nationally acclaimed Centers of Excellence including trauma-instensive care, Acute Stroke Center, New Jersey Cardiovascular Institute, Neurosurgical intensive care unit and Center for Skull Base Surgery, Neurological Institute of New Jersey, and one of the nation's top liver transplant programs and orthopaedic oncology programs. University Hospital has 599 beds, 789 active medical staff, and has annually almost 20000 admissions, 100000 ER visits, 5600 trauma patients, 13000 surgeries, and 226000 ambulatory care visits. The  Department of Radiology provides both a rewarding inpatient and outpatient experience for residents. 

University Hospital boasts 2 digital fluoroscopy suites, a 1.5 Tesla MR, 128 and 64 slice multidetector CT machines, 3 ultrasonography suites, two vascular interventional radiology suites, one biplane neurointerventional suite, and 4 nuclear medicine gamma cameras.   The Department has integrated PACS digital imaging and voice recognition dictation system.

Annually the Department of Radiology performs 200,000 plain film studies, 45,000 CT examinations, 11,000 Ultrasounds, 6,500 MRI's, 2700 general nuclear medicine studies, 2,000 PET examinations, 1800 Interventional procedures (not including PICC and permacath exchanges), and 675 fluoroscopy rocedures. Radionuclide cardiac stress examinations are also performed in Nuclear Medicine.


Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey at University Hospital

205 South Orange Ave, Newark, NJ 07103

Cancer center

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey at University Hospital (CINJ-Newark). The Cancer Institute houses an integrated Women's Imaging Center comprised of 2 digital mammography units, 1 analog mammograpy unit, one breast ultrasound suite, and one stereotactic biopsy suite.  Annually 3,800 screening mammograms, 1,900 diagnostic mammograms,and 500 mammography procedures are peformed at UH.


Doctors Office Center

90 Bergen St., Newark  NJ 07103


The Doctors Office Center (DOC) is an adjacent outpatient imaging site. It is located across the street from the University Hospital and is accessible via an underground tunnel.  Residents obtain experience similar to an outpatient private practice radiology setting at the DOC.  The DOC houses a 1.5 Tesla MRI, a 16 slice multidetector CT machine, 2 ultrasonography suites, one fluoroscopy room, and a PACS digital imaging system integrated with the University Hospital system.  A large number of screening bone density (DEXA) examinations and musculoskeletal procedures are performed at the UH.


Advanced Practice Imaging

30 Bergen St, ADMC 5, Room 575, Newark  NJ 07103

Advanced Practice Imaging

The Center for Advanced Practice Imaging houses a PET/CT suite which provides additional outpatient imaging experience for residents. The center is operated by University Physician Associates.