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Following are highlights of the benefits offered by the New Jersey Medical School. Click here for a more in-depth description of housestaff benefits:



The New Jersey Medical School provides a comprehensive salary which gives residents the flexibility of living on either side of the Hudson River.  (Effective September 1, 2017)

PGY 1 - $60,243
PGY 2 - $64,326
PGY 3 - $68,264
PGY 4 - $72,250
PGY 5 - $74,168 (if staying for categorical chief year)



  • All residents have access to health insurance, prescription drug program, dental care, disability insurance, and life insurance. An educational stipend of $500.00 is provided for books and journals yearly. In addition, residents are given $600.00 to attend resident orientation in June

  • Our scheduling system is designed to provide coverage in the event of sudden illness or personal emergency.

  • An e-mail newsgroup has been created as part of a central database for scheduling requests as well as general updates, deadlines and information on social functions

  • Daycare facilities are also available for housestaff at minimal cost.

  • All expense trips for conferences if you are the first author of a presentation.



  • Housestaff receive employment contracts valid for a maximum of one year. The contract refers to the duration of appointment, salary, training level (PGY), vacation, health benefits, liability coverage, uniforms and the obligations of the appointee



  • Meals or meal cards are provided for you when you are on call at all three hospitals.


Educational Resources

  • Up-to-Date and MD Consult is offered for free to the housestaff as well as a database of recent clinical guidelines; full text journal articles available on-line from library.
  • Medical library resources are available at all three institutions or from home and have free access to journals and textbooks such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of Pediatrics, Harrison's or Nelson's.

  • Links to Micromedex, Lippincott, medical textbooks and full text journal articles are available in the East Orange VA's computerized medical record.
  • Residents are provided with a complete four-year curriculum; goals and objectives as well as current literature are distributed at the start of each rotation.

  • All residents are assigned a mentor who will assist interns in choosing electives, becoming involved in research and obtaining their desired fellowship training or private practice.


Professional Liability

  • Residents are covered for medical liability as part of their contract during their four years of employment.