QA/QI & Research

QA/QI & Research



All residents of the NJMS Med-Peds Program are expected to complete a longitudinal curriculum created by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement online and contribute to a Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance project of interest to them. They meet with their mentor during their Office Practice block to ensure curricular understanding, and the proper formulation and progression of the project. Residents learn how to conceptualize their ideas and then use proper QA/QI research methods to complete their capstone project in their PGY-4 year. Residents are also expected to show their results with a poster presentation and/or submission to the Rutgers QA/QI Journal.


Residents have multiple opportunities to work closely with fellows and faculty on a variety of research projects, affording them the opportunity to present at local, regional, and national conferences and publish in notable journals. Residents are paired with faculty and resident mentors early-on to learn the ins and outs of the institution, but also to network and share research interests. Research and publication opportunities range from case reports to innovations in medical education to basic science and bench research. If a resident is first author of a poster or oral presentation at a conference, the Graduate Medical Education office will cover the travel and conference expenses. Every year, the Departments sponsor a Research Day event for residents to show off their poster presentations and research projects for the year.



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