Social Events

Social Events



Meet & Greets

The year starts off with an Internal Medicine Meet & Greet, a Pediatrics barbecue, and a Med-Peds Intern Movie Night. This is a great chance to meet your new categorical colleagues and hang-out with your Med-Peds PD and APDs in a relaxed format during orientation week.



Med-Peds Retreat

The Fall marks the time for all of us to get-together for the annual Med-Peds retreat. This is a jam-packed day of learning in the morning and team-bonding in the afternoon, complete with Dr. Wong’s famous "scavenger hunt." In the early evening, combined with our "Transition Night" when the seniors give advice to the Interns about their first switch from Pediatrics to Medicine or vice versa, dinner and drinks provides some down-time and socializing. The categorical programs also host resident retreats throughout the year, but nothing beats our Med-Peds time!



Recruitment Dinners

While recruitment dinners provide a chance for the residents to get to know the applicants, it also provides a setting for the residents to catch-up with each other. These dinners are always devoid of faculty, so get ready for some prime-time resident shenanigans.



Holiday Parties

As winter comes along, the categorical programs host extravagant holiday parties in December and January, which most of the Med-Peds residents get especially dolled-up and make appearances to. They are complete with great food, music, and lots of dancing. We also hold a more informal dinner amongst ourselves and sometimes add “Secret Santas” to the mix.



Match Day

Match Day

In the Spring, we get to celebrate the match with our NJMS students and welcome in our new interns for the next academic year. This is always an exciting event and signifies the culmination of everyone’s hard work and gratitude for all the teaching and mentorship our program and our students have received over the years.




At the end of the year, we sadly have to say goodbye to our graduating seniors but get to partake in some top-notch graduation celebrations. We also have a more intimate Med-Peds dinner for our residents to pay tribute to our graduates and wish them happiness and success in their future endeavors.