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University Hospital has shown tremendous growth from its first days as a 25 bed city hospital in 1882, through 1979 when the current hospital building was built until today. Among the internal medicine specialty services including a Center for Emerging Pathogens, a center for Biodefense and Bioterrorism, and a comprehensive Liver Treatment and Transplant Center. The institution boasts the Global Tuberculosis Institute which provides an impressive amount of community outreach, public awareness and public health support to the Newark Community as well as inpatient support at University Hospital. Our Division of Cardiology shows continuous growth with an ever-increasing research division that participates in various national studies, a cardiac catheterization suite that has brought increased numbers of patients to UH for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and a Center for Preventive Cardiology which includes major thought leaders in the arena of risk reduction and event prevention. University Hospital has a Ryan White HIV/AIDS center at which the first U.S. case of HIV-2 was discovered as well as the reporting of the first female case of HIV in New Jersey. Our Newark campus is also home to a state of the art cancer treatment center and a new ambulatory care center.

The hospital is staffed by 300 full-time attending physicians who are also faculty members of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

University Hospital has around 20,000 admissions, 1,800 births, and 226,000 outpatient visits annually. There are 529 beds at the facility.

As the principal teaching hospital of NJMS and the training site for many of Rutgers’ other health professions schools, University Hospital is the experience of a lifetime for hundreds of students and residents. Along with preparing tomorrow's healthcare professionals, University Hospital is helping to shape the future through research initiatives in a wide variety of fields.



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