Our Residents

Our Residents

We come from a wide range of medical schools, spanning New Jersey to California. We are a cohesive community of residents. Our quest for knowledge and commitment to patient care is evident in our work, our board pass rate and our interaction with fellow residents, attendings and hospital staff. We are constantly looking to change the status quo in an effort to improve resident learning and patient care. We are represented in residency councils of both departments as well as in the National Med-Peds Residency Association.


PGY - 4

Vincent Wong, MD
Med-Peds Chief


PGY - 3

Elan Baskir, MD
Karishma Khetani, MD
Anjella Manoharan, MD
Amanda Walker, MD


PGY - 2

Kathryn Davis, MD
Tzeidel Eichenberg, MD
Nicholas Lepore, MD
Claire Ruane, MD


PGY - 1

Nishma Jain, MD
Leo Kuwama, MD
Michelle Kwon, MD
Kristin Riddle, MD