Program Overview

Program Overview


Our Mission:

The development of compassionate, humanistic, knowledgeable physicians
in the specialties of internal medicine and pediatrics.


Our Aims are:

  1. To prepare clinicians to practice patient-centered medicine of the highest standard in the most professional manner.
  2. To understand and respond to bio-psycho-social factors that influence prevention, presentation, and management of diseases in all ages, race, gender, or ethnicity.
  3. To demonstrate effective and compassionate interpersonal communication skills toward patients and families to sustain effective medical care.
  4. To prepare the foundation for lifelong learning for future leaders in healthcare.


Our program matches 5 residents per year with a total of 20 residents at any given time. The residents are well integrated into both categorical programs, both of which rotate on a “13-block” schedule. Our home-base is our Med-Peds clinic where adult and pediatric patients are scheduled directly to our residents, ensuring excellent continuity of care and a mix of all ages, all visit types, and all pathologies.

Residents rotate between our 2 parent organizations, University Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel, about 75% of the time. Located in Newark, New Jersey, these hospitals serve an extremely vibrant, urban community, made-up of very diverse groups. Newark is the 3rd oldest major city in the US behind New York and Boston. Once a thriving merchant city, it fell into decline during the turbulent 1960s. The last 25+ years have seen Newark’s rebirth as “The Renaissance City” with varied cultures enmeshed to create a unique community, including 49.7% Black or African Americans and 36.4% Hispanic or Latinx.

The remainder of their time, residents get to experience the federal healthcare system at the East Orange Veterans Affairs Medical Center and a tertiary, privatized system at St. Barnabas Medical Center. Both the VA and the Children’s Hospital are less than a 15-minute drive away from University Hospital. St. Barnabas is about 20-25 minutes away. Our Med-Peds continuity clinic is housed at University Hospital in the Ambulatory Care Center. University Hospital is also directly attached to Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, our primary academic affiliation.